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Loving to eat and loving to cook are two completely separate passions. While some may enjoy paging through cookbooks, chopping new ingredients and experimenting with unusual recipes, plenty of food lovers dread the idea of starting a stove, preheating an oven or — gasp! — preparing any food whatsoever.

For the food lovers who refuse to even make a sandwich, go beyond the obvious restaurant gift card and give a few gifts that will please their palates — and maybe even get them into a kitchen. 

Editor's note: Prices and product availability are subject to change throughout the holidays.

Truffle zest: $14.99

Truffle zestSource: Sabatino Truffles
Truffle zest  Sabatino Truffles

This seasoning made from real black truffles turns even the cheapest instant ramen into a gourmet dish. Well, almost.

Wine and boozy gummies: $65 

Sugarfina X Paper CraneSource: Winc
Sugarfina X Paper Crane  Winc

Okay, so the Champagne-flavored gummies are technically nonalcoholic, but paired with a California sparkling wine, this gift set is the perfect party for two. Or one. No cooking necessary!

Kids' ramen noodle roller: $75

Home ramen noodles press for kidsSource: Japan Trend Shop
Home ramen noodles press for kids  Japan Trend Shop

Cooking isn't cooking when you're using a toy! Move beyond the Easy Bake Oven and dupe your non-cooking pal into ditching the Cup Noodle and rolling out her own ramen.

Cheese tasting set: $100

Happy holidays cheese gift boxSource: Murray's Cheese
Happy holidays cheese gift box  Murray's Cheese

Making a cheese plate is even easier when all the components come in a single box — a fancy box, at that! Let Murray's cheesemongers create the perfect cheese plate. complete with crackers and accoutrements (jam! honey!) and all the work is already done. Ships anywhere in the United States.

Fondoodler: $25

Fondoodler nachosSource: Fondoodler
Fondoodler nachos  Fondoodler

The hot glue gun for cheese is, yes, a real thing, and absolutely something any cheese aficionado needs in their life. Perhaps one for each hand?

Festive cocktail shaker: $80

Pineapple cocktail shakerSource: W & P Design
Pineapple cocktail shaker  W & P Design

Avoiding cooking doesn't have to mean avoiding cocktails. Or at least shaking up a gin and juice. Make it fancy! 

Luxe water bottle: $35.70

17oz. metallic S'well bottlesSource: S'well
17oz. metallic S'well bottles  S'well

Even a lap salad or takeout bento box is more enjoyable with a metallic water bottle, especially one that can inconspicuously hold wine and keep it cold.

Breakfast ornament: $98 for four

Irreverent ornament Source: Best Made Co.
Irreverent ornament  Best Made Co.

Convincing the giftee to fry up some eggs on Christmas morning may be impossible, but at least you can share the joy of breakfast with this glitzy ornament. 

Fancy cereal bowl: $16

Ceres cereal bowlSource: Anthropologie
Ceres cereal bowl  Anthropologie

If all they're going to be making is cereal and milk anyway, may as well put an elegant spin on it. 

Adopt a maple tree: $175

Maple tree adoption kitSource: Tonewood Maple
Maple tree adoption kit  Tonewood Maple

Tonewood's maple tree adoption program supports small maple producers and sustainable farming practices, all while gifting the adoptee with three packages of maple-made gifts. Welcome to parenthood, cooking-hater. $175,

Donate to a food bank

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Share your pal's love of food with someone who is food insecure. Forty-two million Americans face hunger annually, but just $1 to Feeding America provides 11 meals to someone who may not know where their next meal is coming from. Donate at 

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