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As a young adult, I have been in my fair share of dramatic, awkward, and oftentimes downright outrageous situations. It comes with growing up. But, more importantly, these situations are needed in order to develop social decorum to use throughout one’s life. In order to experience the positive that life has to offer, one must be familiar with the negative aspects that are bound to occur.

Cheating on a significant other is an occurrence that happens at an alarming rate on all levels of society: rich, poor, straight, gay, black, white. As a young adult one year out of college, I have witnessed that the lines get a little more blurred after a late night studying with an attractive classmate, or more so, after a night of drinking.

It is one thing to deal with betrayal within one’s own relationship, but it’s an entirely different animal when one stumbles upon the affair of an acquaintance from class or the girl that lives down the hall. Affair may seem like a harsh and adult word, so let's put it in easier terms: seeing someone get freaky with another person that is not their boyfriend or girlfriend. To some, what to do may be a no-brainer, a calculated effort to inform the scorned lover of what is really going on. However, it may be easier said than done.

What is the etiquette of such a situation?

“Hey, Kyle. I know we only sit next to each other in statistics class and have spoken about twice this semester, but I saw your girlfriend sucking face with some guy downtown this weekend. Well, good luck on that quiz tomorrow.” Yeah, not so much.

Must one sacrifice their own anonymity and open a can of worms in order to involve themselves in a situation that was none of their business in the first place? I believe the answer to this question to be yes. 

A while back, I witnessed such an occurrence while I was still in my hometown of Buffalo and I was torn over how to react. I didn’t want to rat someone out, but yet again, I couldn’t let someone in a known relationship act like -- without a better definition --  a filthy whore.

You may revert back and feel like the kindergarten "taddle-tale," but with all things considered, you are not the one who made the mistake, just the one making it known to the innocent lover.