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As a gay writer, a majority of my articles are humorous and involve the LGBT community; however, for this article, I will be very serious on something that needs to change in the community. It’s not funny. It’s not lighthearted. And further, many people will probably be put off by the subject manner – and you should be. Enough is enough, people; it’s time to come out of the closet.

For those of us who live in the U.S. and other “liberal” parts of the world, it’s finally time for us to stop slowly coaxing people to come out of the closet in regard to their homosexuality. A few months ago, I watched an awesome speech by Hillary Clinton that called for the global acceptance of all individuals within the LGBT community. Well, quite simply, it called for equality for all people – but the emphasis was placed on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people across the globe, as their human rights are overwhelmingly violated. This week, President Obama became the first sitting American President to announce support for same-sex marriages.

We do not live in Iraq. We do not live in Sudan. We live in America; I consider myself to be one of the most accepting and understanding people – and simply, I am beyond exhausted at older Americans who feel the need to continue to hide their sexuality. 

Yes, I said hide.

Hiding in the closet is something you do when you are seven and don’t want to be found during hide-n-seek; it is also something you do at 35-years old when you don’t want people to know the real you. Sure, there are some circumstances where one should not disclose their homosexuality – such as if it will bring harm or if you could possibly be asked to leave home with no safe place to stay. But, in the majority, LGBT people need to come out.

It’s not a private matter. Well, at least in my opinion, it’s not. How the hell can you complain about lack of inequality when you are not honest with yourself? How do you expect straight Americans to defend you when you can’t even defend yourself?

This article is not for those of you who are 13 or 14 or around that age who are coming to terms with who you are; you guys and girls are awesome and beautiful and wanted and you will go on to do amazing things with your life. This post is for established young Americans and those abroad whose worst possibility of coming out of the closet is losing so-called “friends” or family.

Notice, I said so-called, because why would you want to lie to yourself and consider them friends or family if they would cast you aside? And further, people can surprise you – usually for the better, so don’t underestimate the close relationships in your life.

You owe it to the people in other countries that simply CAN NOT come out as homosexual because they, most times, will be sentenced to death or life in prison. The United States of America is not perfect, and we have a long way to go on LGBT equality, but in order for the world to gravitate towards full inclusiveness, we need to make minor sacrifices within our own lives and realize the positive impact it will make on the entire world in the long run.