We've all been there. You meet a nice young gentleman that is so gay he makes Clay Aiken seem more masculine than G.I Joe.

And speaking of G.I. Joe, I personally think that he was gay. With Don't Ask, Don't Tell finally repealed, maybe Mattel will release a publicity statement soon. If anything, G.I. Joe will jump on the comic book bandwagon for attention.

Anyways, I've met many guys over the past few years that are so gay that everyone knows it except their girlfriend. Or in worse cases, their wife; shout out to Michele Bachmann and her drama queen of a wife, Marcus. Wait, you don’t remember who Bachmann is? Great.

So here they are: five signs that your boyfriend is gay.

1. Taylor Swift

After listening to "Love Story" for the third time in a row, you apologize to your boyfriend and tell him he can pick the next song. A few seconds go by and he responds, "Well, maybe we can listen to it just one more time .... "

2. Sex 

He wants to wait for marriage to have sex with you. I have no issue with people with morals and standards and I myself am a recovering slut. Damn you, liberal arts education! But, even if you two decide to wait to have sex, at least strip down in front of him and make sure he's into it. And also, make sure that little bastard is not looking at any pictures of men that you have around your room, sister.

3. Homophobia  

If your little diva of a boyfriend has an issue with gay people, then guess what? He's gay. Sadly, the most homophobic and oppressive guys act this way to get the attention off themselves.

4. Clothes 

You spend close to two hours getting ready for your date night. You know you look hot -- you'd bang yourself if you could (and, quite honestly, you tried after that third crown and Coke). When he arrives, all he says is, "Oh my gosh, pink really is your color. But, are you really going do that with your hair?  Here, let me help."

5 Threesome

After much discussion, you two finally agree to have a threesome. He is beyond excited. After wondering out loud what it will be like to have sex with another girl, he says, "Who said anything about a girl?"

Ah, the perks of knowledge. Now, make sure to find out the Signs You Are Not A Real Gay Guy.

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