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Why is CBD booming? It taps into our unrelenting obsession with self-care.

CBD promises anxiety relief while simultaneously signaling to the world that we're deserving of self-care.

7 bartenders on what it’s like to be sober in the booze industry

We talked to drinks professionals about mental health, sobriety and working behind the bar when you don't drink.

How my service dog helped me with my anxiety disorder — and allowed me to love travel again

Bobbi alerts me before I have a panic attack, leads me home when I get disoriented and lies on top of me during an attack to calm me with her body weight.

How Juul, the electronic cigarette, won over teens

E-cigarettes are often considered safer than traditional cigarettes, but experts say they're still addictive and potentially even toxic.

There’s one major issue with the Weight Watchers rebrand — it still ignores the meaning of wellness

The new Weight Watchers wants to take the focus off weight. Will it work?

Should you use collagen-based supplements, eye masks or shampoo? Experts weigh in.

Celebs are touting the benefits of the buzzy wellness trend, but skin experts aren't so sure.

Can CBD oil help dogs with stress, anxiety, aches and pain? And is it safe?

An increasing number of CBD products for pets have hit the market, meant to target conditions ranging from anxiety to pain and mobility.

Hospitals are finally starting to care about the food they serve

More experts are embracing the idea that food is medicine — and changing the way hospitals think about the role of food.

What are the benefits of CBD — and is it the magical elixir that will save us from our anxiety?

You can get CBD in your cold brew, in your ice cream sundae and in your lemonade. But is the cannabis derivative worth the hype, or is it more of a snake oil?

Why people are putting mushrooms in their coffee

Powdered mushrooms dissolve into coffee with ease, and many claim the combination has some truly good health benefits.

Experts weigh in on the lollipops, detox teas and hair gummies that have taken over Instagram

Celebrity-endorsed products like appetite suppressants and hair vitamins are everywhere on social media. But do they actually work?

If you didn’t Instagram your vacation, were you really there? One writer finds out

To experience the Caribbean as it was intended, one writer pledged to stay off email, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter for the entirety of her trip.

Hiking the sacred Kumano Kodo route in Japan with a backpack and a “no Trump talk” pact

To escape the never-ending stream of political updates, one writer traveled to Japan to seek absolute silence.

Bad diet advice in the ’80s made Americans fatter — low-calorie ice cream follows the same bad rules

Low-calorie ice cream is the trendiest product in freezer aisles, but one ice cream brand isn’t jumping on board.

The 2018 dirty dozen: The fruits and veggies with the most pesticides

In certain cases, buying organic may protect you from pesticide residue.

For a fizzy, fermented buzz, people across the country are heading to kombucha bars

These tea bars — with flights and kombucha on tap — are ideal for day drinking.

The “organic” label is often meaningless. Here’s the next food phrase big brands are banking on.

Food brands including Annie's Homegrown, Ben and Jerry's and Dannon are onboard.

How we became convinced that orange juice could conquer the common cold

The cunning marketing scheme dates back to the Industrial Revolution.

South Koreans are projected to live longer than everyone else — and their food is just one reason

The fermentation in popular Korean foods like kimchi is only one of the factors in the country's high life-expectancy rate.

The life cycle of a health trend: How food transforms into a miracle remedy

From kombucha to kale to a Kardashian-endorsed honey product, how do regular foods become wellness elixirs?

Saving the planet isn’t as simple as going vegan

It won't necessarily save your body, either.

Now that Target has its own line of kombucha, should everyone be drinking it?

Not all kombucha is created equal.

Why DJ Khaled’s new role at Weight Watchers could be his most important act to date

DJ Khaled just might pave the way for healthier lifestyles in communities that are disproportionately affected by obesity — if Weight Watchers lets him.

Can sitting in an 82-year-old mineral water bath tub really do anything for your health?

Saratoga Springs' spas are revered for their healing powers — but is it just a bunch of hooey?

A new report reveals that fruit labeled organic might not actually be organic

The investigation discovered that the USDA was aware of the labeling fraud.

2018 Health Resolutions: 11 easy ways to get healthier that have nothing to do with dieting

Pet more dogs. Eat more plants.

Healthy eating guidelines from food pyramids around the world

In a country where french fries count as a vegetable, we could benefit from a little nutritional wisdom.

Iceland is one of the healthiest countries in the world — and the secret lies in its cuisine

Here's where to get the best healthy and delicious Icelandic food.

These restaurants are all about vegetables — just don’t call them “vegetarian”

For some, “vegetarian” is a dirty word, suggesting elitism and an obsession with health. So chefs are ditching it entirely.

“Healthy” ice cream is anything but — here’s why we’re wired to buy it anyway

Each pint you try is as unsatisfying as the last, but for some reason you polish off the whole thing...