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The Trump administration’s attempt to rewrite gender is not enough to erase trans existence

Trans people will exist regardless of what any government says.

A timeline of the five black transgender women killed in Florida in 2018

“The transgender community in Jacksonville is frightened."

Transplaining: My husband wants to transition into a woman. What should I do?

Serena Daniari answers a question from a reader about what to do now that her husband has decided to transition into a woman.

Kim Kardashian West and Van Jones discuss White House meeting on criminal justice reform

“I truly think it is a genuine commitment. But let’s say it’s not: It’s still helping a lot of people and getting people out,” Kardashian West said.

McCain’s right-wing critics still won’t let up — even as he ends his battle with brain cancer

McCain's family announced the ailing senator has discontinued treatment for his aggressive brain cancer.

Transplaining: My transgender friend has dysphoria. How can I help him with his fear of not passing?

Serena Daniari answers a reader question about helping a friend deal with dysphoria.

After Tyler Gebhard was killed by police in Missouri, his white family changed its views on race

The 20-year-old biracial black man's grandmother has gone from stating that "all lives matter" to being a vocal backer of national calls for policing reform.

The State Department has quietly updated its language on gender markers for passports

It's a move that advocates for the transgender community say is confusing and frightening.

Schools across the South are being legally required to make it clear, “In God we trust”

Parents and organizations are pushing back as the motto gets implemented in schools across the South.

By giving full benefits to its hourly workers, The Wing is practicing the feminism it preaches

The women-focused company is breaking down barriers between full-time workers and hourly workers.

A year after Charlottesville, money for injured residents is drying up — or never arrived

While funds sprung up over the past year to cover these costs, locals say they fear the money could soon run out — and in some cases, it never turned up.

Progressives are running in red states, too — including a lesbian MMA fighter in Kansas

Though the Midwest is painted nearly entirely red on election maps, political scientists say they are seeing a shift to the left happen in some suburbs.

Crystle Galloway died after four paramedics denied her help. Now, her family wants them fired.

Galloway's mom said the paramedics refusal to help her daughter was an act of "racism."

“Abortion is OK!”: How southern activists are providing a template for a post-‘Roe v. Wade’ future

If Georgia has functioned as something like an incubator for far-right, anti-choice policies, the state has also fostered the growth of a bold community of reproductive justice activists.

‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 3: Are Cynthia Nixon and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the future for Democrats?

Cynthia Nixon and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have embraced democratic socialism. But are they the future of the Democratic Party or just change agents?

An injectable estrogen shortage reminds trans women that our fight is far from over

For 'Mic Dispatch,' correspondent Serena Daniari interviewed trans woman Emira Hajj about the injectable estrogen shortage.

Meet Rakem Balogun, the Texas man whose support for a cop killer made him an FBI target

In the debut episode of Mic Dispatch, Texas-based community organizer Rakem Balogun explains how Facebook posts about the 2016 Dallas police ambush led to his five-month imprisonment.

Transplaining: I’m a transgender man who wants to be a dad. How should I come out to my future kids?

Serena Daniari helps a transgender man figure out how to tell his future children that he is trans.

Transplaining: I’m nonbinary, but I still present as male. I feel fake. How do I deal with this?

Serena Daniari offers advice to a nonbinary person who still presents as male and wants to shake the idea that they cannot fully identify as nonbinary.

Transplaining: I’m a cisgender man. How do I tell my friends and family my partner is transgender?

Serena Daniari offers some advice to a man who has always identified as straight, but is now dating a trans woman.

Introducing Transplaining, a weekly advice column by correspondent Serena Daniari

Plus, Daniari answers the first question: "How can I — a trans woman — make peace with the fact that I don't pass?"

Kim Kardashian West and Alice Marie Johnson speak out about meeting for first time

“To me, Kim does not seem like a celebrity, she seems like a friend,” Johnson told Mic in a video interview just hours before meeting Kardashian West.

Alice Marie Johnson opens up about her release from prison

“Oh my goodness, I [felt] like my feet had wings on them,” Johnson said. “When I saw my family, if I could have jumped across that highway, I would have jumped across that highway into their arms."

President Donald Trump grants clemency to Alice Johnson after Kim Kardashian West involvement

The 63-year-old great-grandmother will be released from federal prison in Aliceville, Alabama, where she has been serving a life sentence since 1996.

Exclusive: Kim Kardashian West speaks out on meeting with Trump about Alice Johnson

“He really understood and I am very hopeful that this will turn out really positively," Kardashian West told Mic in an exclusive interview after the meeting.


Kim Kardashian West on meeting Trump: “I am willing to do what it takes to fight for what’s right”

“I’ve been fighting very hard and am willing to do what it takes to fight for what’s right,” Kardashian West told Mic in advance of the meeting.

Exclusive: Kim Kardashian West on Alice Johnson: “I’ll do whatever it takes to get her out”

“I’ve been in communication with the White House and trying to bring her case to the president’s desk and figure out how we can get her out,” Kardashian West said.

Alice Johnson’s daughter: “I’m excited and grateful for Kim Kardashian’s support”

“My mother is very grateful that Kim Kardashian cared enough to go above and beyond for her,” Johnson said. “It really means a lot to her, to my whole family.”

Meet Alice Marie Johnson, the woman Kim Kardashian West wants Trump to pardon

Johnson has been in prison for 21 years for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense.