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Black gun rights advocates criticize FBI’s, NRA’s response to Rakem Balogun

“They on some bullshit.”


‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 1: Inside the FBI’s crackdown on “black identity extremists”

Rakem Balogun was arrested and spent five months in jail after he posted a Facebook post praising Micah Johnson, the lone gunman who killed five Dallas police officers in July 2016.

Meet Rakem Balogun, the Texas man whose support for a cop killer made him an FBI target

In the debut episode of Mic Dispatch, Texas-based community organizer Rakem Balogun explains how Facebook posts about the 2016 Dallas police ambush led to his five-month imprisonment.

What to know about the FBI’s “black identity extremists” label and the black community’s response

Will the FBI respond to the black community’s concerns and rescind its controversial counterterrorism assessment?

FBI’s “black identity extremists” label is ill-advised, the nation’s largest black police group says

Black law enforcement leaders are asking the FBI to trash its "black identity extremists" counterterrorism assessment.

Black Lives Matter activist calls “bullshit” on the FBI’s “black identity extremist” label

"We’re not going to allow for the potential elimination of black leadership in this generation,” one BLM activist said on Tuesday.

FBI’s hunt for “black identity extremists” echoes civil rights movement-era war on black activists

Black Lives Matter movement activists say they have been concerned about federal surveillance and threats since their movement took root in 2014.

The “black identity extremists” label became public in October 2017 when ‘Foreign Policy’ published a leaked copy of an FBI intelligence assessment. In the report, the agency attempts to link a wave of black-led anti-police brutality protests to “an increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement.” This collection will follow the latest developments of the BIE label.