Food and Politics

This is Mic's coverage of where food and politics intersect — from restaurants as a space for activism to the dietary choices of our nation's leaders.

Obama visits a food bank, Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago: Here’s how politicians are spending Thanksgiving

Barack Obama surprises a food bank and President Donald Trump golfs.

IndictMint Chip and White Russian: This Mueller-themed ice cream truck is giving away free scoops

The truck wants to bring extra attention to Robert Mueller's investigation of Trump's Russian ties.

Food and Politics: How Coke and Pepsi tricked Americans into voting against soda taxes

In other news, Mike Pence visits a Chick-Fil-A.

Food and Politics: Sports bars are the place to watch the midterms; Kids take candy from Trump

In other food and politics news: Trump gives kids Twizzlers and Congressman Steve King can't believe it's not butter.

Ben and Jerry’s new “Pecan Resist” flavor takes direct aim at Trump administration

An anti-Trump ice cream is fudgy and filled with nuts.

Food and Politics: Beto O’Rourke crashes a wedding; Jared Kushner’s brother eats cake

Joshua Kushner served a Milk Bar cake at his wedding while Beto O'Rourke crashed one.

Tucker Carlson is the latest conservative having trouble dining out at restaurants

“I can’t really go to a lot of restaurants anymore because I get yelled at,” the Fox News host said.

Food and Politics: Trump and Kanye West’s lunch; White House french fries are the “best”

President Donald Trump and Kanye West had a power lunch, Donald Trump Jr. met Salt Bae, Beto O'Rourke has a burger mural and more.

Food and Politics: Trump’s trade war could actually benefit US food banks

The Department of Agriculture agreed to purchase and donate $1.2 billion in fruits, beef and other commodities for food banks and pantries.

Donald Trump doesn’t drink — and his sobriety should impact Kavanaugh’s nomination

For once, our sober president could be on the right side of history.

A history of Trump’s long, complicated relationship with Diet Coke

Trump reportedly drinks a dozen Diet Cokes a day.

“I liked beer. Still like beer”: How Brett Kavanaugh used the all-American beverage to make his case

During Thursday's hearing, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kanavaugh used the word "beer" 29 times.

Soda can no longer be the default drink on kids’ menus in California

This simple change is catching on across the country.

Ted Cruz has a history of using food to scare people into voting for him

At a recent campaign event, Cruz said, "If Texas elects a Democrat, they're going to ban barbecue across the state of Texas."