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In these islands off South Carolina, you’ll find Gullah food cooked the way it was 150 years ago

The isolation of the Sea Islands helped preserve the West African culture of slaves’ descendants, keeping the arts, culture and cuisine strong for generations.

Hidden History: Tibetan momo

How a farming experiment in the Palm Springs desert led to the iconic date shake

The sweet, creamy drink of blended dates and ice cream can be traced back to botanical explorers from the early 1900s.

How Bollywood turned Switzerland into a beloved destination for generations of Indian travelers

Bollywood movies have long featured Switzerland as a backdrop for romance.

Hidden History: Kaya toast

Why Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture park is much more than a tourist attraction

The world's first underwater sculpture park has a symbiotic relationship with the ocean and the creatures that live there.

Parisians might take credit for the macaron, but it actually has Middle Eastern roots

The history of the Parisian macaron shows influence from Persian pastries and Baghdad royals.

Hidden History: Apple cheddar pie

Why Sichuan food simply doesn’t taste the same in the US

The magical Sichuan peppercorn makes the spiciest food in the world impossible to replicate in America.

Hidden history: The New York egg cream

Appalachia has a booming Hispanic population — and its growing food scene is making an impact

Leaders are helping to construct a new narrative of Hispanic-Appalachian culture in places that are often portrayed by national media outlets as sweepingly white and homogenous.

The little-known history of the Japanese highball cocktail

One of the cocktail's earliest mentions is in an American bartender manual.

Creole cream cheese is a New Orleans family staple — and now it’s having a comeback in restaurants

The tangy cheese is being used in everything from jerk chicken mac and cheese to bread pudding.

This tiny village in Italy grows the best pistachios in the world

These pistachios are four times the price of regular ones. But in Bronte, Sicily, they’re used generously in everything from gelato to pasta to arancini.

The dark, complicated history of Durban’s national dish — curry and rice

One writer traces the evolution of Durban Indian cuisine and the role her indentured ancestors played in shaping the city’s culinary and cultural landscapes.

Florence’s female artists are finally getting the attention they deserve

After centuries celebrating its male artists, a feminist renaissance is hitting the city. Here's how to take a trip that highlights Florence's female painters, artisans, chefs and more.

Route 66 might be iconic, but the real story — one of American Indians — has been lost along the way

A road trip inspired one author to dig deep into the forgotten Native American history of Route 66.

In Hidden Histories, Mic will explore the stories behind beloved destinations, focusing on the often-overlooked past of cultures, dishes and places.
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