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Sarah Paulson and Marcia Clark’s friendship was the cutest highlight of the 2016 Emmys

Now, if only Chris Darden would take Sterling K. Brown's calls, maybe they could be besties, too.

5 dramas that could win Emmys in 2017 since ‘Game of Thrones’ may not be eligible

*Wistfully imagines 'Stranger Things' crashing the 2017 Emmys*

The surprising trend you may not have noticed during the 2016 Emmys: queer women winning

For queer girls watching, the Emmys showed there are places for them everywhere on TV.

Christian Siriano created 8 custom gowns for the 2016 Emmy Awards

Nine women total wore Christian Siriano-designed pieces.

Beyoncé's fans are outraged over 'Lemonade' getting snubbed at the 2016 Emmys

Fans guessed Kanye West is outraged somewhere in this world over Queen Bey's snub, too.

'Game of Thrones' showrunners aren't interested in a prequel, though HBO might be

This is all very exciting, but can George R.R. Martin finally finish his novels before we think about spinoffs?

Leslie Jones jokes about her Twitter being hacked, online harassment at 2016 Emmys

Leslie Jones isn't afraid to laugh at herself.

Rami Malek wins first Emmy for 'Mr. Robot' at the 2016 Emmys

Malek was much less creepy and much more cute Sunday night at the Emmys.

Is John Mayer at the 2016 Emmy Awards? Are he and Tom Hiddleston trolling Taylor Swift?

As the camera panned from one Swift ex to another, a lightbulb lit up in the internet's head.


Jeffrey Tambor just showed how a cisgender actor can be an ally to transgender talent

Michelle Rodriguez and Matt Bomer, take note.

2016 Emmys: Jill Soloway nails why including marginalized groups on-screen is vital

"We need to stop violence against trans women and topple the patriarchy."

'SNL' star Kate McKinnon wins the Emmy for best supporting actress, internet goes wild

The 'SNL' actress thanked her favorite subject for parody.

Alan Yang, 'Master of None' creator, just nailed the need for Asians on-screen

Alan Yang just nailed it — while winning an Emmy.

The Emmys mixed up Cuba Gooding Jr. with Terrence Howard on the red carpet

Do Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding, Jr. really look that much a like?

The surprising reason why ‘Game of Thrones’ may not be an Emmy contender in 2017

The 2017 Emmys drama race is already quite interesting.

Here's who should and will win at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Who will take home gold Sunday night?

Here are the odds for ‘Game of Thrones’ to win each of its Emmy nominations

It's poised to be another strong year at the Emmys for 'Game of Thrones.'

Beyoncé Earns 4 Emmy Nominations For 'Lemonade' Visual Album, Including Best Director

This is what happens when you let black women control their art: They earn Emmys.

Emmy nominations announced live: Here's a complete list of every nomination and category

What is up for television's biggest award?

This Emmys season, here's who we don't want to see win — and who we do

Which performers and shows deserve notice?

2016 Oscars Were Somehow the Blackest of All Time — But Chris Rock Failed in One Key Way

"It seemed like more black entertainers were employed during Sunday's Oscars than the rest of the year combined."

Why Did ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Win So Many Oscars? Because It Was Actually Inclusive

You probably noticed 'Mad Max: Fury Road' crushed it at the 2016 Oscars.

Women and People of Color Did OK at the Oscars — Just Not in the Top Categories

It's still not a massive improvement.
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