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Recovery: All in the family

Society often views those living with addiction as lacking will power, or as having a preventable weakness. But studies have shown that addiction is a disease.


Recovery: ‘A part of this forever’

Addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all disease. And often for those in its grip, normality is a façade. To break it involves trust in oneself, and trust in others for help.

Recovery: From addiction, a brotherhood forms

The men who come to work on Hope Farm all have had different journeys and experiences with opioid abuse. But they’re all looking towards the same horizon: recovery.
An unforgiving society may view the disease at the heart of the opioid epidemic, which now claims the lives of 115 people every day, as a choice—that someone chose to use drugs, and they’re the ones to blame—while those who have gone through it, or know someone that has, understand it’s something much more complex and difficult than that. In light of Netflix’s new documentary Recovery Boys, Mic's branded content team traveled to Enlightened Solutions, a holistic treatment center in southern New Jersey. What follows is a recounting of the stories heard over two days, and the faces behind recovery. Last names are withheld for reasons of privacy.