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Career advice: The best industries for networking your way to a new job

Networking advice will get you only so far in certain industries, according to a new LinkedIn survey. But in other fields, getting a job is all about personal connections.

Best jobs for high pay and low stress: These 10 chill gigs earn above-average salaries

Workers in certain low-stress professions actually earn higher-than-average wages.

You've never heard of these 5 classes — but their areas of study will boost your pay in the future

To earn high pay, these are the best classes to take, as traditional industries face existential crises and new lucrative fields of study emerge.

Tips that pay off: These 5 bits of career advice will get you a job you actually love

It doesn't take much to go from novice to career genius. These 5 easy steps will snag you your dream job.

Career mistakes to avoid: These 7 unconscious bad habits are ruining your job search

Sometimes the best career advice is to get out of your own way — and pay better attention to the unconscious mistakes you're making while communicating.

Can you afford to quit your job? Here's how much money you need to have saved up.

Before you even think about quitting your job, make sure you have a solid financial plan.

Career mistakes to avoid: Never use these 10 red flag phrases on a resume or cover letter

The best resume or cover letter you can write will never include these surprising career-killing words.

Want a big raise? This move might be your best path to a promotion or pay bump.

Jumping to smaller, newer businesses might be your best bet if you want to advance your career, a new study found.

5 top industries for entrepreneurs of the future: Start-ups in these high-growth areas can thrive

If you are thinking of launching a start-up, consider a business in one of these sectors — expected to grow by leaps and bounds in coming years.

Quit your job the right way: 5 secrets to leaving on a good note and boosting your career

How do you leave a job on a good note? Follow these five tips to avoid burning bridges and ensure you quit in a smart and classy way.

Need to robot-proof your job skills? 5 moves to make sure automation doesn't hurt your career.

How to protect your job — and career — against the threat of robots and artificial intelligence.

How to write the perfect cover letter, according to experts

Cover letter templates are overrated. Use this simple four-step guide to writing a smart, personalized message that will get you a job interview.

Bad performance review? Here are 3 steps to handling criticism at work — without being a pushover.

How to respond to negative feedback at work — and bounce back stronger than ever.

3 simple secrets to maximizing your energy and productivity

These basic life hacks will make you more productive at work — and anywhere else you need to get a lot done in very little time.

Desk job causing you pain or discomfort? 3 ergonomic office hacks to keep your body healthy at work

Have back pain, symptoms of carpal tunnel, or muscle discomfort — and sit at a desk all day? Here's how office workers can protect their bodies and health.

Tips that pay off: Manage your money and career like a boss.

Because boss life is just two letters away from best life.

Money hacks to spend less and save a ton: Shopping secrets, tasty savings, coupon tricks and more

Check out these freebies, savings hacks, coupon codes, shopping secrets and the best rules of thumb to use to keep more of your hard-earned cash.

15 high-paying jobs that will let you work from home

You don't have to take a pay cut to get more flexibility from your employer.

5 high-paying jobs college graduates can get right out of school

Engineering and finance top the list of highest paying jobs

Here's why people who take more vacation days get more raises

Americans — and especially millennials — are not using their vacation days. Here's why that's a problem.

This is the highest and lowest paying job in your state

See how your salary compares to the top and bottom annual wage in your U.S. state.

The 10 best US cities for creative workers to launch a career in the arts

If you enjoy art, music, film, theater, dance or other creative work, these places are tops for jobs, schools and resources.

3 secrets to projecting confidence, according to science

Appearing confident can add to your bottom line. Here's how to fake it.

Tips that pay off: Little-known career tips from networking to vacationing

You shouldn't stress, but if you do here's how to make even your stress a career win.

Work going well? Here's why you're still unhappy — and how to reduce stress from success.

Feeling miserable despite all your wins at work? Blame the Peter Principle.

Career Advice 2017: The secret about networking that nobody ever tells you

Here's how to network your way to your next job, without even trying.

Tips that pay off: The best things in life are free — here's how to get them

The best tips are free tips that result in more free things.

The one crucial career move you should make between ages 25 and 35

Career advice 101: Get a big pay bump in the first decade of your career — it might be your last chance.

The 9 best US cities for millennials looking for a job

These 9 cities combine plentiful jobs with highly successful millennials.

These are the 11 highest paying summer internships in the United States

Want to get paid well for an internship for summer 2017? Here are companies that provide high salaries.
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