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A sneak peek at EuroPride 2018 — held in 2 cities for the first time ever

Stockholm, an established queer haven, and Gothenburg, a city working to shed its anti-LGBTQ reputation, will host the annual festival.

Dyke marches show that pride is about more than rainbows, parades and white gay men

These marches — which are often held the same weekend as big Pride marches in several cities — boast community, inclusivity and unapologetic joy.

Nearly half of LGBTQ employees are not out at work. One out leader hopes to change that from within.

More than 30% of LGBTQ individuals surveyed reported feeling depressed or unhappy at work.

Confessions of a waiter: Homophobia shouldn’t stop you from tipping properly

We've all seen those viral restaurant receipts where a bigoted customer decides they don't want to tip because they think their server is queer.

This is the future of LGBTQ travel

We asked a panel of LGBTQ travel experts to envision what travel looks like in 2030, from inclusive beach getaways to international escapes.

Why a gay bar denied entry to a blind queer person — and how to improve spaces for disabled people

Even the most progressive spaces can sometimes still have trouble with inclusivity.

It’s hard to look “Beyond Pride” when LGBTQ celebrations still exclude people of color

It is difficult for some of us to envision a promising tomorrow when so much of what’s taking place in the present is intolerable.

LGBTQ identity is shaped by language. So what words will describe “queer” in the future?

'Yaaas kween' is not here to stay. The future of LGBTQ language will reimagine how people see identity.

What would the ideal ungendered fashion collection really look like?

"Who said that ‘ungendered’ clothing has to be boring or understated? I don’t want to live in a dystopic future where there is no gender and everyone wears grey hoodies."

LGBTQ equality in corporate America: Where are all the queer CEOs?

The age of marriage equality has pressured companies to become more inclusive, but leadership is still often dominated by straight white men.

“We’re nowhere close to the end”: Stigma and politics stand in way of UN goal to end AIDS

The UN wants to eradicate AIDS by 2030, but challenges new and old stand in the way.

A large percentage of LGBT people rely on food stamps. If Trump’s bill passes, more will go hungry.

The myth of gay affluence overshadows the fact that LGBT people are disproportionately food insecure.

“I never dreamed this would be possible”: Working toward a world without AIDS

The United Nations has audaciously declared that HIV and AIDS will be virtually eliminated worldwide by 2030 via strategic moves for prevention and treatment.

Marriage, deconstructed: The next battle for marriage equality could mean the end of marriage

Adults in poly relationships are remaking the very idea of marriage, and efforts to bring legal support to complex, interlocking relationships are also likely to become more common by 2030.

Queer in the kitchen: A frank look at the challenges for LGBTQ chefs, bartenders and restaurateurs

In an industry that's known for hospitality, restaurants and bars can still be uncomfortable places for marginalized individuals.

Antarctica will hold its first-ever Pride Month event in June

Ten employees of McMurdo Station kicked off the celebration by posing with a rainbow flag in April — while there was still daylight in Antarctica.


Pro-Trump group barred from marching in NC pride parade claims discrimination

Deplorable Pride claims they're the victims now.