Love and Money

This is a recurring series on how to tackle tough questions around everyday finances, and the way they impact our relationships with our friends, families, colleagues and partners.

Planning the big gay wedding I never dreamed of

I wasn't ever sure I wanted a wedding. But the further I stepped away from that white dress and tiered cake and first dance, the more I wanted it.

Love and Money: What to do when everyone asks you for “help” — which means doing your job for free

Your friends and family value your professional opinion. They just don't want to pay you for it.

Love and Money: What to do when your parents haven’t saved for retirement

They wouldn't be the first: 26% of workers have no retirement plan at all.

How to write a will — and what happens when you die without one

Fans were shocked to learn Aretha Franklin didn't leave behind a will. Here's what will happen to her estate — and why you really, really need a will of your own.

Love and Money: How do I ask about parental leave without raising any flags?

In a perfect world, taking time off after starting a family wouldn’t be an issue. Here in the United States, you might want to be prepared.

Love and Money: How to pick the best wedding registry for you (and your guests)

There's now an unbelievable array of digital registries to choose from — here's how to differentiate between them, whether you're getting or giving the gifts.

How to set boundaries with your work friends and keep things from getting awkward

Practice these gentle techniques or succinct phrases and you'll never feel uncomfortable again.

Love and Money: What happens to student loan debt when you get married?

Student loans are frustrating as is, but when another person comes into the picture, things can get more complicated.

Love and Money: How to figure out if your new romantic partner is a financial disaster

It's not about how much money they have, but how they handle what they've got.

Why is it more difficult for men to change their names after marriage?

Changing your name after marriage can still be an incredibly complicated process — especially if you're a man.

The least awkward way to talk about salary with your co-workers

This game plan includes who to ask, where to have the conversation and which words to use.