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Tess Holliday on Victoria’s Secret backlash: “I’m not interested in being anyone’s token fat model”

“I’ve made peace with my body and other people haven’t and it’s not my job to change their mind."

Common’s prison concert tour inspires incarcerated people on their path to rehabilitation

"This is a new story, a new narrative we’re going to tell together. And I believe that each and every one of you is going to write that story for yourself.”

How Native Americans spend Thanksgiving: “This is a time that is a funeral for a lot of us”

For indigenous people, this revisionist Thanksgiving story is whitewashed and erases a long history of tragedy associated with the holiday,

Transgender woman Aliah Hernandez was brutally beaten and left for dead. Her attacker walked free.

"I’m a human being and I deserve to have justice," Aliah Hernandez said in an interview with 'Mic Dispatch.'

Meet the teacher who traveled through 9 countries and worked as a stripper trying to reach the US

This story is part of Mic Dispatch’s three-part series on immigration in Central America.

How an Iraqi refugee and a Trump supporter became unlikely friends — and changed each other’s minds

Maggie Anderson supported President Donald Trump and his stance on Muslim refugees — until she met an Iraqi refugee named Bnyad Sharif.

Street level activists are leading the fight against fentanyl deaths — and it’s working

Activists are gathering data on the spread of fentanyl, giving people the ability to test their own drugs and take necessary precautions, and opening a dialogue.

Pedro Hernandez speaks out against bail system that kept him in jail for a year

Pedro Hernandez gives his first formal interview since a human rights organization bailed him out from jail on Rikers Island to spur action on bail reform.

Michael Phelps speaks out about substance use, mental health and getting help

“I just self-medicated because I was just running from whatever I didn’t want to face."

A local North Carolina race could reinstate an ICE program that targets Latinos

The 287(g) program ended in Alamance County after the Obama administration in 2012 sued the county for its discriminatory practices "motivated by the sheriff’s prejudices against Latinos."

Cybersecurity experts say these voting machines could be susceptible to hacking

It takes less than two minutes to hack into the AccuVote TSx.

Florida could restore voting rights to 1.5 million residents — and reshape the state’s politics

“If you can’t decide or have a voice in the basic laws that govern you, are you really out of prison?”

Intersex children often undergo damaging surgeries: “We don’t have bodily autonomy as intersex kids”

The results of these procedures include nerve damage, scarring and psychological distress.

The Amber Rose SlutWalk calls attention to voting ahead of midterm elections

Mic Dispatch correspondent Yoonj Kim attended the day-long festivities to find out why it was important for Rose to mobilize new voters this election season.

This school is training American kids for K-pop stardom

Mic correspondent Chantel Simpson visits a training center in NYC for potential K-pop stars.

Beto O’Rourke champions racial justice on path to become first Democrat to win Texas in 24 years

If nothing about the recent killings of unarmed black men disturbs you, O'Rourke told 'Mic,' "then something’s wrong with your leadership and representation."

Meet Nicole Maines, the transgender woman playing TV’s first trans superhero

The actress will star as Nia Nall on CW's 'Supergirl.'

Bernie Sanders on Amazon’s minimum wage: “It’s a huge victory for hundreds of thousands of workers”

Along with other progressive organizers, Sen. Bernie Sanders called out Amazon directly over the summer for its low pay and poor working conditions.

Tarana Burke says #MeToo has been misconstrued: “The hashtag wasn’t about taking anybody down”

“People have weaponized #MeToo as opposed to seeing it as a tool,” Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement, said.

Meet Drew Findling, the go-to lawyer for some of Atlanta’s biggest rappers

Correspondent Chantel Simpson visits Findling’s office in Atlanta to find out how he became a trustworthy ally for many in hip-hop.

Zeal & Ardor are blending black metal and traditional songs black people sang during slavery

There’s a new wave of black metal that’s renouncing white supremacy and incorporating, instead, the African-American musical roots of rock and roll.

Can a gay man and a straight woman have a happy marriage?

Blaine and Lindsay Hickman are both Mormon. Blaine is gay and Lindsay is straight — and they have been married for almost 15 years.

These black women tattooists are traveling the country to show off their skills

Lady L founded Ladies of Ink after asking her Instagram followers to name other black women who could tattoo.

A timeline of the five black transgender women killed in Florida in 2018

“The transgender community in Jacksonville is frightened."

New York City cab drivers face depression and debt amid increased competition from Uber and Lyft

Six New York City taxicab drivers have died by suicide in recent months, sparking protests and rallies aimed at protecting drivers' wages against competition from apps like Uber and Lyft.

Chella Man, Laith Ashley and the slow rise of the trans male model

“I can tell you that there is like a revolution coming and it has so much momentum and it’s building and it’s going to pop."

Shaun King’s evolution as an online watchdog against racism and police brutality

Shaun King, one of the most influential media voices in the Black Lives Matter movement, has a nearly unparalleled megaphone. But what does he do when he gets something wrong?

Kim Kardashian West and Van Jones discuss White House meeting on criminal justice reform

“I truly think it is a genuine commitment. But let’s say it’s not: It’s still helping a lot of people and getting people out,” Kardashian West said.

Tyrone West died in police custody 5 years ago. Here’s how his sister is still fighting for justice.

“I feel compelled to show people how to fight, to show you that we are more than hashtags and body bags,” Tawanda Jones said on Tuesday's episode of 'Mic Dispatch.'

Trump’s “deploy or get out” policy could force HIV-positive soldiers into early retirement

Sgt. Nick Harrison has served in the U.S. military for 18 years. Thanks to a positive HIV diagnosis, a new policy from the Trump administration could render him ineligible.