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Movement Must-Reads: Local NYC organizers speak out against Amazon deal

Plus, an in-depth feature on female rappers and music industry sexism.

Movement Must-Reads: The Jemel Roberson case, young Georgia voters faced widespread issues at polls

Plus, the stabbing death of Ann Marie Washington should call attention to rising hate crimes.

The Movement Must-Reads: Women of color win the midterms, black Republicans fight for House seats

Plus, Georgia voters file lawsuit against Brian Kemp.

Movement Must-Reads: Oprah and more celebrities get out the vote

Plus, first-time voters tell us why they're motivated to cast their ballots in Tuesday's midterms.

The Movement Must-Reads: Alleged voter suppression in Georgia and Trump’s attempt to rewrite gender

Plus, an eye-opening report on the state of Latinx women founders.

The Movement Must-Reads: Saheed Vassell’s family seeks justice and a look at Beto O’Rourke’s rise

Plus, the blatant contradiction between what Melania Trump wears and says.

Movement Must-Reads: GoDaddy’s dealings with an alt-right apparel line, Tarana Burke speaks out

Plus, Tamir Rice's mom speaks out and the killing of Ciara Minaj Carter Frazier.

Movement Must-Reads: The Brett Kavanaugh debacle

Plus, Anita Hill, Eric Reid and the Bill Cosby sentencing.

Movement Must-Reads: Diamond and Silk, and a Dallas Nine protester’s harsh words for Dak Prescott

Plus, a profile of controversial activist and journalist Shaun King.

Movement Must-Reads: Caricaturing Serena Williams and the killing of Botham Jean

Plus, the in-custody death of Tyrone West in Baltimore.

Movement Must-Reads: Kaepernick, Kavanaugh and justice for Jordan Edwards

Plus, a Jason Van Dyke timeline ahead of his trial for killing Laquan McDonald.

Movement Must-Reads: A disastrous cash bail law in California, and Jacksonville survivors speak out

Plus, controversy unfolds at the Afropunk music festival in Brooklyn, New York.

Movement Must-Reads: Aretha Franklin, Gullah cuisine and Marlene Gebhard’s painful evolution on race

Plus, the impact of natural disasters on the American racial wealth gap.

Movement Must-Reads: Dispatches from Unite the Right 2, ‘BlacKkKlansman’ and Crop Over in Barbados

Plus, a new amendment introduced in the California Senate that would limit police use of deadly force

Movement Must-Reads: Transplaining sexual orientation and the police shooting of Desmond Phillips

Plus, controversy erupts around the cover for the new Travis Scott album, 'Astroworld.'

Movement Must-Reads: Crystle Galloway, Stand Your Ground and affordable housing in Denver

Plus, big news for Charlotte activist Glo Merriweather.

Movement Must-Reads: Nia Wilson, #MuteRKelly and the deadly costs of global agribusiness

Plus, Gwen Carr's response the NYPD's disciplinary proceedings against the officer who killed her son, Eric Garner.

Movement Must-Reads: Black identity extremists and racial disparities in mass shooting coverage

Plus, a sit-down with Cynthia Nixon and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Movement Must-Reads: The future of Roe v. Wade and black-led efforts to reduce gun death

Plus, Maxine Waters as a progressive litmus test.

Movement Must-Reads: Nicki Minaj, dining during #MeToo, introducing a trans partner to your family

Plus, the racial justice groups entering the fray to protest the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Movement Must-Reads: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Candace Owens’ bigotry and the fall of #PermitPatty

Plus, the fatal police shooting of Antwon Rose, an unarmed black 17-year-old, in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Movement Must-Reads: #AbolishICE, #WeWalkForHer and a summer of peace in Chicago

Plus, a devastating report from Reveal on the horrific conditions in many of the shelters used to house migrant children.

Movement Must-Reads: Trump’s threats against Chicago and digitizing the black press’s photo archives

Plus, Kim Kardashian West's first in-person meeting with Alice Marie Johnson, whose prison sentence was commuted after Kardashian West lobbied President Donald Trump.

Movement Must-Reads: Medical cannabis at HBCUs, #CoffeeWhileBlack, making the wrong moves in the NFL

Southern University took a big leap for historically black colleges and universities trying to muscle into the growing nationwide legal cannabis industry.

Movement Must-Reads: The case of Cyntoia Brown and navigating America #WhileBlack

Plus, a Texas woman's seemingly false allegations against a state trooper.

Movement Must-Reads: Black Republicans, “arabbers” and mass killings in Gaza

A horrific week of violence in Gaza underscores this week’s reporting from Mic and beyond.

Movement Must-Reads: U. of Florida commencement debacle, plus age discrimination in the job market

A look at some of Mic's best reporting that you may have missed this week.

Movement Must-Reads: A lynching memorial and the potential pardon of Alice Marie Johnson

Plus, Zak Cheney-Rice's exceptional reporting on the lynching memorial and his search for family ties to Eugene Rice.

Movement Must-Reads: It’s about time we had a national memorial to honor people killed in lynchings

Plus, a very measured look at just how desperate Kanye West really is.