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Stories That Pay Off: Working from home? Experts say you should seriously consider getting a pet

They could make your day more productive and enjoyable.

Stories That Pay Off: 8 tips for organizing your Gmail inbox that just might change your life

Get to inbox zero — or at least something less overwhelming.

Stories That Pay Off: These are the world’s most expensive cities

There's a three-way tie for number 1.

Stories That Pay Off: How to turn down a job offer without burning any bridges

It's important to keep it professional.

Stories That Pay Off: How much money a #spon post can actually make you on Instagram

Plus, what to know before you try to monetize your own.

Stories That Pay Off: How to convince your employer to help pay off your student loans

Plus the five best finance podcasts for your commute.

Stories That Pay Off: Billionaires in Davos can’t stop talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Plus more of this week's personal finance stories.

Stories That Pay Off: Why you’re not saving as much money as you think when you shop sales

Here's how to actually make the most of your cash.

Stories That Pay Off: The best Cyber Monday deals for clothing, electronics and more

Get discounts from Apple, Amazon and Walmart, to name a few.

Stories That Pay Off: The desperate and hilarious ways cities begged for Amazon HQ

Not everyone is happy about the new Amazon headquarters.

Stories That Pay Off: Help! I drained my savings and am spiraling into panic.

One reader writes in for advice on what to do when you've just depleted your savings account on a big purchase.

Stories That Pay Off: Taylor Swift and other celebs ride the blue wave in midterm elections

Taylor Swift has come out in support of Tennessee Democratic candidates.

Stories That Pay Off: How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make money

Plus: how companies are encouraging Americans to vote and how to curb your Uber habit.

Stories That Pay Off: The Mega Millions jackpot is now over $1 billion

Big lottery, how to go on a honeymoon for free and more money news to put on your radar.

Stories that Pay Off: Navigating the challenges of coming out at work

Transitioning at work, inclusivity in corporate America, discrimination in the office and more.

Stories That Pay Off: How to sneakily find out if your partner is good with money

Dating red flags to watch out for, wedding registry tips and a whole lot more.

Stories That Pay Off: A new law could mean the end of cramped legroom on airlines

Uncomfortable airplane seats could be a thing of the past.

Stories That Pay Off: What to do when everyone wants your professional advice — for free

Setting boundaries with your friends and family is much easier said than done.

Stories That Pay Off: Nike’s online sales have spiked — and it’s because of Colin Kaepernick

Sales on the web jumped nearly 31% in a single weekend.

Stories That Pay Off: What to do if your parents don’t have a retirement plan

More than a quarter of workers said they have no retirement plan.

Stories That Pay Off: How much money does Starbucks make off the pumpkin spice latte?

In 2017, Starbucks sold as many as 350 million PSLs.

Stories That Pay Off: Here’s how expensive it can be to own a dog

A survey found dog owners spend much more on their pooches than they think they do.

Stories That Pay Off: How to get money back from airlines

Airlines often say you can’t request compensation until you’re done with travel. By that time, a lot of the frustration fades. If you stick with it, however, you may find your pockets a bit heavier.

Stories That Pay Off: How to set boundaries with your co-workers

This week, experts explained how to set limits with colleagues, how to avoid these common renting mistakes and more.

Stories That Pay Off: Why flights get overbooked — and how to make the most of it

This week, we explored how to avoid being bumped from an overbooked flight, Trump's recent grocery store gaffe and more.