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Transplaining: My husband wants to transition into a woman. What should I do?

Serena Daniari answers a question from a reader about what to do now that her husband has decided to transition into a woman.

Transplaining: My transgender friend has dysphoria. How can I help him with his fear of not passing?

Serena Daniari answers a reader question about helping a friend deal with dysphoria.

Transplaining: I just found out the woman I’m talking to on Tinder is trans. Am I still straight?

Serena Daniari answers a reader question about his sexuality now that he is attracted to and dating a trans woman.

My mom is transitioning to become my dad. How do I support him when I feel like I’m mourning my mom?

Serena Daniari answers a reader question about how to be supportive of a parent who is transitioning.

Transplaining: I’m dating a man who doesn’t know I’m transgender. How — and when — do I tell him?

Serena Daniari answers a transgender woman's question about revealing her identity to a man she is dating.

Transplaining: I’m a transgender man who wants to be a dad. How should I come out to my future kids?

Serena Daniari helps a transgender man figure out how to tell his future children that he is trans.

Transplaining: I’m nonbinary, but I still present as male. I feel fake. How do I deal with this?

Serena Daniari offers advice to a nonbinary person who still presents as male and wants to shake the idea that they cannot fully identify as nonbinary.

Transplaining: I’m a cisgender man. How do I tell my friends and family my partner is transgender?

Serena Daniari offers some advice to a man who has always identified as straight, but is now dating a trans woman.

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Plus, Daniari answers the first question: "How can I — a trans woman — make peace with the fact that I don't pass?"