Russia Investigation

From all of the updates on Robert Mueller's probe, to the ins and outs and how disinformation affected the electorate, this collection will provide all you need to know on the investigation into meddling by Russia in the 2016 election.

Trump lashes out at Mueller, media after report on cooperation with Manafort legal team

Trump claimed without evidence that Mueller is pressuring witnesses in the Russia probe to lie about him.

Paul Manafort reportedly met with Julian Assange months before Democratic email leak

The alleged meeting took place around the time Manafort was chosen to chair the Trump campaign.

Trump says he doesn’t know acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as questions swirl

Trump distances himself from Whitaker amid criticism he is attempting to undercut the Mueller probe.

Special counsel asks FBI to investigate scheme to bring abuse allegations against Mueller

A conservative lobbyist and conspiracy theorist is promising to reveal sexual assault allegations against the special counsel. But reporters say it's a hoax to undermine the Russia investigation.

Noel Francisco could mean “big trouble” for Mueller probe if Trump fires Rosenstein

Noel Francisco, who has endorsed an expansive view of presidential power, could inherit the Russia probe if Trump terminates Rosenstein.

Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation hangs in the balance amid Rod Rosenstein’s possible exit

The future of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is in limbo, after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s expected exit from the Justice Department.