Who Cares About Privacy?

Mic reporter Xavier Harding cares about privacy: everything from who sees your data to where it lives online and how companies make money off of it. Our data is more than just ones and zeros; it’s where we go, what we do and everything in between catalogued, archived and shared. Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are only one piece of the story. Here’s the rest.

Google is tracking your location even when you ask it to stop, study shows. Here’s the fix.

The report, which was published Monday, shows Google still tracks users’ movements.

23andMe, Ancestry and other DNA testing companies agree to better protect your genetic information

The guidelines offer common-sense protections for DNA test users.

Is your Venmo set to public? Here’s what strangers learn when your payments are broadcast online.

Here's what you've been publicizing and may not know it.

Apple’s next iPhone update will change how your location is sent to 911 during emergency calls

911 callers using iOS 12 may see quicker response times in an emergency.

It’s not just Facebook — online quizzes also collect data about you

If you were a kid in the '90s, you probably didn't expect this privacy invasion.

Facebook makes money by selling your data, but why can’t users just pay for the site instead?

Where's the option to pay for Facebook and not be spied on?

Google got caught collecting more data than we thought, and this isn’t the first time

OK, Google: Stop eavesdropping.