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What episode of 'Dear White People' did Barry Jenkins direct?

Looking for the episode of 'Dear White People' that Barry Jenkins directed? This is the point in your binge where you'll find it.

When does Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ come out?

Here's when you can start watching Netflix's latest original series.

5 things we learned from the new 'Outlander' trailer

Season 3 may still be a ways away, but here's what we know now.

'Survivor' Ponderosa: After contestants are voted out, a whole new game begins

Former 'Survivor' contestants reveal the truth about Ponderosa.

Algiers' "The Underside of Power" video links today's political resistance with its roots

Political punk and soul act Algiers explain the concept behind the new video for their upcoming record, 'The Underside of Power.'
5 hours ago

Prometheus traps Oliver and Felicity in the next episode of 'Arrow'

Prometheus has trapped Oliver and Felicity in their own bunker. Will they survive?

'The Simpsons' savagely sums up Trump's first 100 days in office

This got pretty dark!

'Whitney. "Can I Be Me"' answers the title's question with definitive, heartbreaking "no"

Whtiney Houston's story, as told by this documentary, is about a woman who wasn't allowed to be herself.

'Fire Island' Review: Logo's gay reality series has promise, but is too low on drama

You can feel the building blocks of something really good in 'Fire Island.'

In 'Fargo' season 3, being technology-averse can have deadly consequences

Does Carrie Coon secretly hate technology?
16 hours ago

Felicity crosses the line in 'Arrow' season 5, episode 19

Does Team Arrow finally catch Adrian Chase?

'Frozen 2' has a release date. Here are 6 plot predictions for the sequel.

There are so many directions the new movie could take.

'Survivor' 2017: Hannah Shapiro breaks down the latest blindside

'Survivor' season 33 alum Hannah Shapiro breaks down latest 'Game Changers' elimination.

5 of the best movies based on true stories

Lawyers, journalists and everyday people entertain in Hollywood's best movies based on true stories.
April 26, 2017

9 of the best TV wedding episodes to watch on Netflix

Real-life weddings are intense. TV weddings are the perfect antidote.

Who is Addison on 'Pretty Little Liars' and why is she on the show?

There's a new girl in Rosewood on 'Pretty Little Liars.'

Here's 6 can't-miss movies that are coming out in May

Chris Pratt returns with 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,' while Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn team up in 'Snatched.'

Chris Soules Update: 911 call sheds new light on fatal accident

The story is not as black and white as it initially seemed.

Twitter is fired up over Heather Morris' 'Dancing With the Stars' elimination

People aren't thrilled with the show's voting system right now.