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This week in Trump-Russia news: Robert Mueller removes all doubt on Russian interference

Trump says the indictments prove there was "no collusion." They don't.

After missed tip on Parkland shooter, FBI again comes under intense scrutiny

They didn't investigate warnings about Nikolas Cruz. Now, they're coming under scrutiny — including from critics of the Russia probe.

McMaster acknowledges Russian interference in 2016 election — something Trump still doubts

"With the FBI indictment, the evidence is now incontrovertible."

While you weren’t looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about gun violence

Two more Trump secretaries are caught up in airfare scandals, the Department of Education abandons transgender students and the CFPB ends a lawsuit against a major predatory lender.
Feb. 16, 2018

Ahead of midterms, millions of dollars are pouring in toward state legislative races

“People [pay] more attention to the impact their state government representatives have on their lives."

13 Russian nationals, 3 Russian agencies indicted for meddling in the 2016 presidential election

The indictments are a blow to Trump, who has continuously denied that Russians sought to help elect him president.

Trump now trying to gaslight Americans by blaming Democrats for DACA fix fail

Trump is blaming Democrats for Congress' inability to pass a DACA fix. But it's Trump who ended the program, and Trump who shoulders much of the blame for the Senate’s failure to craft a solution.

Mitt Romney takes veiled digs at Trump as he officially announces Utah Senate bid

Romney made the announcement in a video he posted to Twitter, reintroducing himself to voters more than five years after losing the 2012 presidential campaign to now-former President Barack Obama.

Republicans say mental health care prevents mass shootings. They’ve tried to gut mental health care.

Treatment for the mentally ill is "taking steps backwards" under Donald Trump, who suggests better treatment could lead to fewer mass shootings.
Feb. 16, 2018

Single-issue voters have the power to change elections. Could it happen with gun control?

Voters making gun control their "top priority" in the ballot box could spur change.

Senate fails to pass immigration reform bill, again leaving the fate of DACA recipients unknown

Three proposals to codify DACA into law failed on the Senate floor.

Trump threatens to veto bipartisan DACA compromise bill

The veto threat is a far cry from Trump’s January promise to sign whatever bill that addresses the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that Congress put on his desk.

Will Washington act after the latest mass shooting? Probably not

History suggests lawmakers will do little or nothing to change access to guns in the U.S. following another mass shooting.

Donald Trump doesn’t use the word “gun” in speech after deadly Florida school shooting

Instead of blaming the shooting on guns, Trump brought up the need to “tackle the difficult issue of mental health.”
Feb. 15, 2018

Trump seemingly blames students at Florida high school for being victims of mass shooting

Trump said neighbors and classmates knew Nikolas Cruz was "a big problem" and should have reported him to the authorities. The problem? They did.

A week into the Rob Porter scandal, Trump comes out against domestic violence

The president told reporters he is "opposed to domestic violence of any kind” and that it "almost wouldn’t even have to be said.”

Amid Rob Porter scandal, House launches investigation into White House security clearances

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday launched an investigation into how former White House staff secretary Rob Porter was allowed to handle classified information in the White House.

Trump lawyer says $130K hush money payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels came from his own pocket

Cohen said neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign knew about the payment, and that he was never reimbursed for the hefty sum he gave the porn actress.

Democrats pick up state House seat in Florida in another sign of Democratic wave

This is the 36th state legislative seat Democrats have flipped since the 2016 election.