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Sept. 21, 2017

Here’s how Republicans are trying to play favorites with states on Obamacare repeal

They appear to have resorted to trying to buy the votes of reluctant senators.

Poll: One thing most Americans like about Trump is his decision to work with “Chuck and Nancy”

It's one of Trump's highest approval ratings yet.

Support for single-payer health care surges as Republicans try and repeal Obamacare

Republicans are trying to build support for an Obamacare repeal by raising the specter of single-payer. A new poll says that talking point may not work.

Sean Spicer on whether he’s ever lied to the American people: “I don’t think so”

The claim comes just days after he poked fun at himself at the Emmys for lying about the crowd size at President Donald Trump's inauguration.

In the debate over pre-existing conditions, only one person can be right. And it’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Graham-Cassidy would unquestionably open the door to insurance companies again charging people with pre-existing conditions more for health insurance.
Sept. 20, 2017

Mitch McConnell reportedly plans to bring Graham-Cassidy health care bill to a vote in Senate

The Senate has until Sept. 30 to pass the measure with just 50 votes.

The American people won’t get a full CBO score on Graham-Cassidy — but they do have Jimmy Kimmel

Sen. Cassidy's political gambit appears to have backfired.

Mitch McConnell: “We are made up of old, white men in the Republican Party”

McConnell wanted the Alabama governor to appoint a Republican woman to a vacant Senate seat. The governor appointed a white man instead.

Another top Trump administration official accused of inappropriate private jet travel

Tom Price once railed against federally funded private jet travel. Now he's taking those very same trips on the taxpayer's dime.

Graham-Cassidy would let states control insurance. That’s what first led to a need for Obamacare.

"It almost becomes worse than where we were before."
Sept. 19, 2017

Democratic lawmakers arrested outside Trump Tower while protesting immigration policy

The three Latino members of Congress were advocating for the passage of a “clean” vote on the Dream Act.

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton says, “No one, including me, is saying we will contest the election”

In a conversation with 'Mic,' Hillary Clinton sought to debunk reports that she would contest the outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign.

3 takeaways from Trump’s fiery “America First” UN address

Trump calls on nations to "embrace their sovereignty" during his first speech to the U.N. General Assembly.

Trump’s North Korea threat isn’t new — threatening innocent civilians is his doctrine

And he's already started making this U.S. official U.S. policy.

These three Republican senators killed the “skinny repeal.” How will they vote on Graham-Cassidy?

It will likely come down to the wire, once again.
Sept. 19, 2017

Trump hints that US will pull out of Iran deal in UN speech

Trump slammed the landmark deal as an "embarrassment."

Trump says US may have “no choice but to totally destroy North Korea” during UN speech

Trump slams "twisted" North Korea, mocks Kim as "Rocket Man" in address.

Trump is telling the UN to further pressure North Korea. Here’s why further sanctions may not work.

"An economic warfare package ... doesn't benefit anybody."

The GOP’s latest health care measure could pass before we know how many people it would affect

The CBO may give the bill the green light for passage next week, but won't assess the coverage losses until several weeks later.

Arizona governor endorses Graham-Cassidy — signaling potential support for it from Sen. John McCain

With Ducey's endorsement, a clear signal to Sen. John McCain, the Graham-Cassidy health care bill is one small — but-meaningful — step closer to passing the Senate.