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Lawyers demand release of 20 transgender women asylum seekers in ICE custody

The women arrived in California from their home countries — El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala — back in May.

Democratic congressman will introduce the first bill to abolish ICE

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) just became the first sitting member of Congress to endorse the movement to abolish ICE.

Today in Trump’s America: As immigrant families remain separated, D.C. debates dinner etiquette

More than 2,000 children are still separated from their parents. But the conversation in Washington has turned to when and if it's appropriate to interrupt someone's dinner.

Coming up this week in politics: Supreme Court issues major rulings as immigration debate continues

The immigration debate will continue alongside primary elections and the Supreme Court's final rulings of the term.

In rambling speech, Trump renews attacks on immigrants: “They will come by the millions”

In the wake of massive backlash to family separation, the president is not letting up on his vicious anti-immigrant rhetoric.
June 23, 2018

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she was kicked out of Virginia restaurant because she works for Trump

Critics and supporters of the Trump administration are now battling it out on the restaurant's Yelp review page.

Trump says new poll numbers show voters think Russia probe is a “witch hunt.” He’s wrong.

A majority of Americans continue to believe the Russia investigation is serious and should continue.

Immigration workers: “We should be looking at ending immigrant detention as a whole”

“We should be looking at ending immigrant detention as a whole and not lose track of that.”

Kim’s meetings with Xi Jinping underscore China’s sway over potential North Korean denuclearization

The recent meetings between Kim and Xi are a sign of increasing cooperation between Beijing and Pyongyang, and a reminder of China’s influence on the future of North Korea’s nuclear program.

The Supreme Court’s Fourth Amendment ruling is a major victory for digital privacy rights

Americans' right to privacy includes cell phone location data gathered by wireless carriers, the Supreme Court ruled Friday.
June 22, 2018

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 things Trump’s Cabinet did this week besides separating families

Scott Pruitt faces a new email scandal, the Trump administration continues its attacks on Obamacare and Betsy DeVos scraps more than 1,000 civil rights cases.

How a $1,500 fundraiser for immigrants ballooned to $18 million, and what will happen with the money

A clearer picture is emerging on how money will be used to help those affected by the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy on immigration.

Supreme Court says the government needs a warrant to search your cell phone location data

The Supreme Court ruled the government needs a warrant to obtain your personal cell phone location data — a pro-criminal-defendant decision that strengthens Fourth Amendment protections.

Today in Trump’s America: House Republicans have embarrassing setback on immigration reform vote

House Republicans did it again on Thursday. A conservative immigration reform bill failed to pass, and GOP lawmakers were forced to postpone a vote on a “compromise” piece of immigration legislation.

Lawsuits allege widespread abuse at immigrant detention centers where minors are being held

Two lawsuits allege that some of the detention facilities where immigrant children are being held have a history of abusing the minors in their custody.
June 21, 2018

House Republicans fail to pass conservative immigration bill, postpone vote on compromise bill

The entire effort is yet another embarrassment for House Republicans, who waded into the immigration debate only to see the effort crash and burn thanks to Trump and the hard-liners in their caucus.

Progressive groups plan to air ads of crying migrant children nationwide

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is planning a "significant" ad buy featuring the sounds of crying children who have been ripped away from their parents.

Online shopping to get more expensive as Supreme Court rules that states can collect sales tax

The Supreme Court ruled that states can collect sales tax from all retailers, even if those retailers do not have a “physical presence” in their state.

Today in Trump’s America: House to vote on 2 immigration bills that already look doomed

The House will vote on two different immigration bills Thursday, both of which could fail — putting Republicans back at square one on the immigration fight.

Not just at the border: There are likely unaccompanied immigrant children in your state, too

The government has been shipping unaccompanied immigrant children off to foster families around the U.S. — and likely to a city near you.