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GOP's Lee Zeldin: "We just need to keep on pressing forward" amid Trump tumult

Here's how one young GOP congressman is trying to stay focused in wild political times.

Michael Flynn lied to get security clearance, House Oversight Democrats say

According to Rep. Elijah Cummings, House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz is sitting on documents showing Flynn lied.

Mike Flynn will plead the Fifth — which Donald Trump said is something only the guilty do

"If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” Trump said during the Clinton email investigation.

Cabinet official brags that no one protested Trump in Saudi Arabia, where you can be beheaded for protesting

Saudi Arabia is one of the worst countries in the world for personal freedoms — but don't tell the Trump administration.

In Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump opted for political correctness on Islam

The president didn't even mention "radical Islamic terrorism."
May 22, 2017

Donald Trump touched a glowing orb, and a meme was born

Donald Trump touched a glowing orb, and the internet went wild.

Donald Trump's first budget to slash $800 billion from Medicaid

Trump is reportedly looking at cuts to anti-poverty spending, food stamps and disability insurance.

Trump supporters have compiled data on thousands who signed anti-fascist petition

Much of the information appeared to be incomplete, speculative or just plain useless.

Trump's Saudi Arabia speech meets muted reception among the alt-right

Trump's address in Saudi Arabia, where he just signed a $110 billion arms deal, was met mostly with mehs from his biggest fans.

3 takeaways from day 1 of Donald Trump's Saudi Arabia trip

Trump is arming Saudi Arabia to the tune of $110 billion, despite human-rights concerns.
May 20, 2017

Former FBI director James Comey will testify in an open Senate session, after Memorial Day

The former FBI director had previously declined an invitation to testify before an open session of the judiciary committee.

Trump is expected to tell Muslims that extremism is their problem to solve

"This is a battle between those who seek to obliterate human life and those who seek to protect it"

The airport lawyers who fought Trump's Muslim ban are facing a Justice Department crackdown

Immigrants and travelers getting free legal help? Trump's Justice Department is having none of that.

Report: The Trump-Russia probe is now investigating a possible cover-up

You know what they say about cover-ups and crimes.

Trump told Russians that firing "nut job" Comey eased pressure of FBI investigation

“I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off," Trump told the Russians, according to the 'New York Times.'
May 19, 2017

Fox News just fired an anchor for making an "insensitive remark" to a black employee

Bob Beckel has a history of making racist remarks on TV.

Impeachment marches will fill the streets in July

On July 2, at least 20 cities across the country will host marches demanding Trump's impeachment.

While You Weren't Looking: Trump flew these 4 bits of policy way under the radar this week

As the press focused on a cascade of White House crises, the Trump administration continued to carry out its agenda.

Watch Hillary Clinton practice how to duck a Donald Trump hug in debate prep

James Comey isn't the only one who dreaded the inevitable Trump embrace.

The two quotes that may come to haunt Donald Trump

"No, no" and "no collusion."