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Dec. 15, 2017

While you weren’t looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about taxes

Trump was blamed for a Christmas celebration cancellation in Christ's hometown and a Department of the Interior official is reprimanded for tweeting about climate change.

Republicans releasing revised tax plan, which is hurtling towards passage

Republicans released the plan Friday evening, giving Democrats and the public just a few days to see what's included in the legislation before it is voted on.

Donald Trump is directly profiting from being president, report finds

President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers have spent more than $1 million at Trump-branded properties for political and fundraising events during Trump’s first year in office.

“Must watch” video shows Trump judicial nominee stumbling on basic legal questions

Matthew Petersen, one of President Donald Trump’s nominees to serve on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, has never tried a case.

Republicans’ greatest achievement in 2017 may be their quiet reshaping of federal courts

On Thursday, the Senate confirmed its 12th judge to the U.S. Court of Appeals — the most in any year since the system was created in 1891.
Dec. 14, 2017

Marco Rubio says he’s a “no” on tax reform vote, putting the bill’s passage in jeopardy

Rubio’s announcement throws a wrench into Republicans' tax reform plans.

Black women fueled a grassroots movement in Alabama — and may remake state politics

A massive network of black-led grassroots organizations created a surge in black voter turnout — and put Doug Jones over the top.

Progressives threaten to punish top Democrats if they don’t demand DACA fix

House Democrats are plotting a strategy to push House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to demand a fix for immigrants this year.

Report: Donald Trump still doesn’t believe Russia meddled in the election

Trump still doesn’t believe U.S. intelligence that Russia interfered with the election — hindering the government from trying to prevent future Russian election meddling.

Exclusive: Democrats launch ad campaign tying Republican candidates to Roy Moore

Exactly what some Republicans feared is coming true: Democrats are launching an ad campaign tying Republican Senate candidates to vanquished Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.
Dec. 14, 2017

How there could be a government shutdown next week — and how Congress could avoid it

Congress has until Friday, Dec. 22 to reach a deal.

Roy Moore’s loss may not be the “fatal” blow to Steve Bannon some want

Some Republicans are using the opportunity of Moore’s loss to try and cast Bannon aside once and for all — but in doing so, they might be playing directly into his plan to wage a civil war.

‘Apprentice’ star turned White House staffer Omarosa Manigault leaving Trump administration

The former 'Apprentice' contestant's tumultuous tenure in the White House has come to an end.

Minnesota governor appoints Tina Smith to fill Al Franken’s Senate seat

Democratic Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton will appoint Lt. Gov. Tina Smith to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Al Franken.

Doug Jones won because black voters and suburban women came out for the Democrat

Many college educated white women broke heavily for Doug Jones, as black voters made up more of the electorate than they did when Barack Obama ran for president.
Dec. 13, 2017

Doug Jones’ historic victory is more than a fluke — it’s a model for Southern progressives

Moore’s historically tumultuous campaign helped Jones win, but so did multiracial coalition of voters who aren’t going away.

What becomes of the tax bill after Doug Jones’ win?

Democratic nominee Doug Jones pulled off a stunning upset in Alabama Tuesday night, eking out a win that could throw a major wrench into Republican efforts to pass their tax reform bill.

Alabama Democrats elated, hopeful for the future after Doug Jones Senate win

"It's not that things in the South are hopeless [for Democrats.] It's that we're neglected."

Doug Jones pulls out a stunning win in Alabama

Democratic candidate Doug Jones pulled off a stunning victory in Alabama on Tuesday night, becoming the first Democrat to win a Senate race in the state in 25 years.

Live updates: Democrat Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate race

It's Election Day in Alabama, and Democrat Doug Jones has a real shot at defeating Republican Roy Moore in this otherwise deeply Republican state.