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18 minutes ago

Yale grad students begin starving themselves to force union negotiations

If someone has to stop fasting, other grad students will step up until their demands are met.

Donald Trump's sanctuary cities executive order blocked by federal judge

U.S. District Judge William Orrick said Trump's order was not "legally plausible" and unconstitutional in multiple ways.

Today in Trump Russia News: A GOP rep implied that Flynn may have broken the law

And the Senate Intelligence Committee doesn't appear to be doing any work.

Mexico says it's not paying for Trump's wall. Again.

Just in case you didn't hear them the first time.

Trump once proposed a radical "wealth tax." Now a Democrat is trolling him with it.

The Donald J. Trump Wealth Tax Act of 2017 is unlikely to attract any Republican support.
7 hours ago

As GOP seeks to scale back LGBTQ protections, the ACLU threatens legal action

Does protecting the "liberty" of some threaten the freedoms of others?

Trump pledges to fight anti-Semitism despite allegations that his rise helped unleash it

"This is my pledge to you: We will confront anti-Semitism," Trump said Tuesday.

Navigating Trump's America: It was the border wall or compromise. Trump chose the latter.

The president decided against standing up for a campaign promise to prevent a government shutdown.

Ivanka Trump booed after saying her father is a "tremendous champion" of families

Ivanka Trump was not well-received at the W20 Summit in Germany.

Donald Trump proposes cutting corporate tax rate by nearly 60%

Steve Mnuchin, Trump's treasury secretary, says the huge tax cut would "pay for itself."
April 25, 2017

They were once "Republican Women for Hillary." Now they're fighting to take their party back from Trump.

As Republican Women for Progress, these millennials want to revamp the GOP from the inside.

Sonny Perdue becomes second to last member of Trump's Cabinet to be confirmed

Perdue was confirmed to lead the Department of Agriculture on Monday in an 87-11 Senate vote.

20 are arrested during protests against ICE's detention of undocumented activists

An immigrant rights activist was detained on his way to the courthouse to get a charge against him dismissed.

Trump once mocked Obama's executive orders. Now he's citing his own as proof of hard work.

Trump is signing reams of orders after shaming his predecessor for using the power.

Trump brags about giving CBS show best ratings "since the World Trade Center came down"

The ratings-obsessed president may have taken his obsession too far.
April 24, 2017

Why Donald Trump is planning an all-out blitz at the end of his first 100 days

For this president, the first 100 days are personal.

Donald Trump took credit for military cost-cutting he had nothing to do with

Donald Trump is still taking credit for F-35 cost cuts that were negotiated before his election.

Donald Trump may have lied in interview about having "never heard" of WikiLeaks

Trump says he "never heard of WikiLeaks" until they released Clinton campaign emails. Based on his past comments, that's a lie.

Jeff Sessions: If Mexico doesn't pay for wall, US could investigate Mexicans' taxes

Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested "mostly Mexicans" are receiving invalid tax credits, and the U.S. could take them away.

Nearly 100 days in, Donald Trump's poll numbers are still terrible

Just 35% think Trump is off to a good start, according to an NBC/'WSJ' poll, and 54% stand in disapproval of his presidency.