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Oct. 19, 2017

What I learned bicycling my way across America

Finding happiness — and strength — on a 4,300-mile cross-country trip.

Oct. 6, 2017

Road Trip Diaries: San Francisco to Big Sur

Meet the 25-year-old who plays the cello for beluga whales in northern Canada

The belugas crane their necks above the water's surface and ring their sonars in response to the music — making it impossible not to think about the compelling link between man and animal.

Winemakers are raising $5 million to rebuild homes in Sonoma and northern California

“Getting a roof over people’s heads again ... that’s the No. 1 priority.”
Oct. 20, 2017

Road Trip Diaries: 7 must-sees on the drive between Portland, Oregon, and Olympic National Park

This drive through Oregon is for the nature lover, with fantastical greenhouses, volcano hikes and wolf encounters.

A look at “the world’s first Instagram travel agency” — and whether it actually works

We put Scotland's tourism board, which wants to help plan your trips through Instagram, to the test.

Iceland is one of the healthiest countries in the world — and the secret lies in its cuisine

Here's where to get the best healthy and delicious Icelandic food.
Sept. 21, 2017

Road Trip Diaries: Boston to Portland, ME

July 24, 2017

The history of tequila

Oct. 18, 2017

Despite death threats, Alligator Brewing continues to protest Richard Spencer’s UF speech

Gainesville residents and businesses are bracing for the white supremacist's visit.

Meet the travel addict behind Scott’s Cheap Flights, who’s helping others score dirt-cheap deals

We asked Scott Keyes to tell us the truth about myths like booking on Tuesday and using an incognito browser.

6 features of the new Google Pixel 2 that travelers need to know about

You'll be able to take better photos, recognize landmarks and get quick translations.

Ranking the best vegan burgers in New York City

There's been a proliferation of vegan burgers in New York City — so we set out to figure out which one tastes the best.

This new MacArthur “genius” has changed the way Taco Bell and Burger King treat farmers

Greg Asbed has spent decades defending food workers' rights, including protecting women from sexual assault in the field.
Oct. 13, 2017

How to avoid eating like a tourist in Rome

The tips include the two little words that will prove you're only looking for the best of the best.

How the McVegan can change the way we eat

McDonald's Finland is currently testing a vegan burger; a positive reception could mean great things for the future of food.

The complicated history of Russians in San Francisco

There's a reason why the Richmond is known for piroshkies and the Holy Virgin Cathedral.

These are the classy, portable cocktails you should be drinking in New Orleans

Forget the notorious hurricane — portable cocktails have gotten a lot more upscale in the Big Easy.

You will never love to travel until you love to travel alone

When you travel solo, you learn to push yourself in ways that may change your outlook on life completely.