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Why the US desperately needs more millennial farmers

The decline of farming will lead to fewer food choices.

This week in food and travel: Expert tips for solo travel

We spoke to travel journalist Stephanie Rosenbloom — who’s been going on trips for one for more than a decade — about her top tips for solo travel.

Why the future of food — and hunger — is in the hands of chefs

Chefs are often the face of food. Here's how they can influence food policy and educate diners.

The 26 best places to travel in 2018

Whether you travel for great food, craft brews, adventure or culture, these are the destinations that should be on your list.
June 14, 2018

Small kitchen, serious cook: 5 meals you can make with just $30 worth of groceries

A week's worth of meals — from salmon and asparagus to black bean pasta — can be accomplished on a budget with a bit of planning.

These are our favorite travel stories from 2017

Inspirational destinations, how-to guides, the unsung heroes of travel and more.

If you didn’t Instagram your vacation, were you really there? One writer finds out

To experience the Caribbean as it was intended, one writer pledged to stay off email, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter for the entirety of her trip.

Pro Tips: What a frequent solo traveler wants you to know before your first trip alone

Travel journalist and author Stephanie Rosenbloom on easing your way into solo travel, the most comfortable walking socks and more

Providence has become an unlikely destination for exciting Chinese food

From barbecued skewers to mutton-and-squid dan dan noodles, the food in this college town goes beyond American perceptions of Chinese cuisine.
June 9, 2018

We commissioned a mural to drive tourism in my hometown — then small-town politics came into play

My town is most famous for Bonnaroo, the music festival that kicked off Thursday. But recently, it’s been in the middle of a First Amendment fight.

“Everybody wanted to be a little bit of Anthony Bourdain”: CNN remembers Bourdain in special tribute

“I would describe myself as a lucky cook who gets to tell stories," Bourdain said previously. "I’m certainly not a journalist, I’m not a chef anymore. I'm a storyteller."

Meeting Anthony Bourdain inspired me to move across the world

I watched Bourdain on television for years, but it was an in-person conversation that led me to make a massive change in my life.

This week in food and travel: Remembering Anthony Bourdain

Every industry has its challenges, but this week we’ve been reminded of how difficult the food world can be, for both everyday restaurant workers and well-known figures.

A look back at the life of Anthony Bourdain, chef and television personality, who died at 61

Bourdain was known for his passion for storytelling, his outspoken personality and his deep love of food.
June 7, 2018

Plastic straws are on their way out — these green alternatives are the best way to drink this summer

In the U.S. alone, 500 million plastic straws are used every single day.

A large percentage of LGBT people rely on food stamps. If Trump’s bill passes, more will go hungry.

The myth of gay affluence overshadows the fact that LGBT people are disproportionately food insecure.

At the world’s first fully accessible water park, every guest can swing, splash and play in sand

Morgan’s Inspiration Island admits anyone with a disability free of charge.

The bizarre experience of dining at an illegal North Korean restaurant

The chain restaurant funnels cash back to North Korea — and eating there is an ethical struggle.

This week in food and travel: The bougiest restaurant at Disney World

As you head into the weekend, kick back with stories from the world of food and travel.