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Here’s how much childcare really costs in 2017

Child care can cost more than $30,000 a year, according to a new survey. And many families spend 20% of their income to foot the bill.

You’ve probably got these top money priorities in the wrong order

Should you save for retirement or buy a home? The best investment you can make right now might not be what you think it is.

Don't get screwed when your favorite business goes bankrupt

Get a refund you deserve: If you paid a deposit to a company that went out of business — and left you hanging — here's how to get your money back.

How to decide whether or not graduate school is worth it

It's a tricky question, and many people don't think through the costs and tradeoffs involved. Here's how to decide and make sure you can afford it.

Could your student debt get waived because of missing paperwork?

If you're a student borrower, you could potentially get your loans wiped out — simply by identifying the supposed owner of your loans and making them prove that ownership.
July 19, 2017

The average gas price is $2.26 per gallon

What to do if your wedding vendor goes MIA

Problem with your wedding dress, photographer, venue or another vendor? Here's how to avoid snafus and deal with last-minute disasters when you get married.

The one person you should be at work, according to science

One cliche about career success seems to really be true, new research suggests: You should always be yourself. Here's why.

3 secrets to keeping your brain sharp after age 20

Certain types of intelligence and cognitive function actually peak well before you turn 30! Here are some research-approved method to keep your brain sharp as you age.

3 smart ways to re-prioritize your wedding budget

Getting married? Here's how to save money on your wedding and resist the pressure to overspend — but still ensure your guests have tons of fun.
July 17, 2017

Lost your ID? How to replace your most important documents and identification

How to replace a missing birth certificate, driver's license, state ID, passport or Social Security card — and what to do if you lose them all!

7 ways to succeed in your side job and make real money

A side gig can be more than a hobby. With the right business smarts you can make real money — and even turn it into a full-time job.

Can you legally break a lease agreement? 

Want to break an apartment lease agreement? Here's what to know about leaving your apartment — without hurting your credit score or having your landlord take you to small claims court.

Yes, you should write a will — even if you’re under 30.

Do you need a will? Even if you are single and childless, you probably have more assets than you realize. Here's what to know now about writing a last will and testament.

What to know about Roku's rumored stock offering

Roku — which makes the popular Roku Stick for streaming internet video on your television — plans to go public at a $1-billion valuation, according to the 'Wall Street Journal.'
July 13, 2017

Why the latest Senate health bill could make you spend more for care

The Senate GOP BCRA health care bill — or Better Care Reconciliation Act — in its newest form could increase premiums and other health costs, experts warn.

This is the best way to find a great doctor

Find a doctor nearby who is in-network and provides great, affordable healthcare.

These resume styles are perfect for 2017

Need resume help? Whether this is your first resume or you're a seasoned professional, here's how to present yourself in the best light.

The rules for tipping in every situation — and when to break them

How much to tip? That's the eternal question. Here is a definitive guide to the rules for tipping — and how to tip movers, Uber drivers, delivery, waiters and more.

Credit problems? Stolen identity? How to solve your money mysteries.

Comedian and actor Gary Richardson shares his own experience with identity theft.