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Oct. 20, 2017

Who will Donald Trump pick for Fed chair? What to know about Yellen, Powell, Taylor & other names

Will Janet Yellen, Jerome Powell or John Taylor be the next Federal Reserve chair? Donald Trump’s choice could affect the U.S. economy. Here are top contenders and what’s at stake.

Bitcoin $6,000: Why the cryptocurrency price hit a new all-time high — and how high it could go

Bitcoin prices just hit a new all time high. Here's what you need to know about the latest cryptocurrency rally — and whether it will last.

Meet Monopoly Man — a nonbinary “cause-player” shining a light on consumer abuses

Monopoly Man — aka activist Amanda Werner — sat down with 'Mic' to talk about the viral Equifax congressional hearing stunt, "cause-play" and consumer rights.

Dow Jones Industrial Average: The problem with invoking Black Monday in 2017

Black Monday happened thirty years ago today. Here's what people are getting wrong about one of the worst crashes in market history.

Want easy money — like $50K just for baking? These 9 fun contests pay thousands (or millions)

If you've got millionaire dreams, know that you can get richer fast without buying a lottery ticket — with these fun, creative and high-paying contests.
Oct. 11, 2017

Here’s how to unsend an email

The 10 worst states for identity theft and fraud in the United States

Scams, fraud and identity theft are hard to avoid in 2017. Here's how to protect yourself — and a rundown of the worst U.S. states for victims.

Harvey Weinstein’s alleged assault victims may not pay a cent to take him to court

Harvey Weinstein accusers could lean on companies that bet on lawsuits (to make a profit) by bankrolling cases: One is actively seeking Weinstein's alleged victims.

You’re probably paid less than you’re worth. These 10 jobs have the most leverage for a raise.

Average salary woes on your mind? Your employer might owe you about $7,500 more than you are getting paid. Here's how to get higher pay — and the 10 best jobs for getting a raise.

Are wellness and self-care products a ripoff? How to get healthy for real — without going broke.

These money saving secrets help you eat healthier, feel better and care for yourself on a budget.
Oct. 18, 2017

These 5 financial heroes are improving vulnerable people’s lives

Grim headlines getting you down? Here are five money heroes to inspire you with their altruism and hustle.

Is it smart to share your salary? Why different generations disagree

Millennials and baby boomers do not see eye to eye on the taboo against discussing money. Here's a big reason why.

Why CEOs of socially responsible companies face a higher risk of getting fired

Leaders of corporations who invest in social good get better job security if their company does well financially. But their risk of getting fired spikes under different circumstances...

Dow Jones Industrial Average 23,000 stock market record might obscure trouble brewing

The DJIA today crossed the 23,000 threshold for the first time, and President Donald Trump tweeted about it. Here's what to know about the Dow's new record.

This one simple life change could help you earn more money — and feel happier at work

How to get better sleep, fight insomnia and become more of a "morning person."
Oct. 16, 2017

How to save money by going meatless — and actually enjoy it

Going meatless for Vegetarian Awareness Month this October 2017? Here's how much money a vegetarian diet will save you each year — plus flexitarian tips and how to make the experience a delicious one.

MacArthur “genius” Greg Asbed is helping the world’s most vulnerable workers get a raise

Here's why one 2017 MacArthur Foundation fellow, Greg Asbed, just won a "genius" grant for $625,000.

Best places for Halloween: Top US cities for trick-or-treating, parties and celebration in 2017

How to save money on Halloween — and the best places in the US for trick-or-treat, parties and more.

Could Rose McGowan face legal consequences for her Harvey Weinstein rape accusation? What we know

Rose McGowan and Harvey Weinstein's settlement terms are key missing details, but generally victims can break nondisclosure agreements that stand in the way of reporting a crime.

3 key financial tasks to get done by the end of 2017 — and leave you richer in the new year

Want to get richer and save more money by 2018? Make just a few smart moves with your cash by the end of 2017.