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These companies are giving employees Election Day off to vote. Will it help turnout?

Would more people vote if Election Day was a federal holiday?

Stories That Pay Off: The Mega Millions jackpot is now over $1 billion

Big lottery, how to go on a honeymoon for free and more money news to put on your radar.

The Mega Millions jackpot is almost $1 billion. Here’s how previous winners handled all that cash.

The last time the lottery was this huge, three couples split the winnings and managed their money in different ways.

The emotional and financial costs of wedding dress shopping as a plus-size bride

How broken is an industry where the majority of its customers are too big for its dresses?

Stories that Pay Off: Navigating the challenges of coming out at work

Transitioning at work, inclusivity in corporate America, discrimination in the office and more.

Transgender advocate Dana Pizzuti shares her tips on how to transition at work

Not everyone transitions in the same way, but one common experience? It might get awkward at work.

Taylor Swift is raking in album sales since she endorsed Democrats

After the pop star spoke out about politics, four of her albums soared up the iTunes album sales chart.

Stories That Pay Off: How to sneakily find out if your partner is good with money

Dating red flags to watch out for, wedding registry tips and a whole lot more.

Time’s Up, the group formed after #MeToo, has hired Lisa Borders as its first CEO

Lisa Borders most recently served as president of the Women's National Basketball Association.

Stories That Pay Off: A new law could mean the end of cramped legroom on airlines

Uncomfortable airplane seats could be a thing of the past.

More than $500,000 has been raised on GoFundMe for Christine Blasey Ford’s security and legal costs

Since the fundraisers were mentioned in the Kavanaugh hearing, over $500,000 has been donated across 13 campaigns in support of Ford.

What’s the current state of Bill Cosby’s finances?

He was one the highest-paid entertainers in the world. Take a look at how he amassed his fortune, and what is left now.

Stories That Pay Off: What to do when everyone wants your professional advice — for free

Setting boundaries with your friends and family is much easier said than done.

Love and Money: What to do when everyone asks you for “help” — which means doing your job for free

Your friends and family value your professional opinion. They just don't want to pay you for it.

New York City cab drivers face depression and debt amid increased competition from Uber and Lyft

Six New York City taxicab drivers have died by suicide in recent months, sparking protests and rallies aimed at protecting drivers' wages against competition from apps like Uber and Lyft.

Wall Street salaries are the highest they’ve been since the financial crisis

The average salary for employees on Wall Street was $422,500 last year, which is the highest average since 2008.

Money Confession: I have $30,000 sitting in my checking account, but I’m too scared to touch it

Having a large amount of money in your bank account isn't necessarily a dream scenario — especially if you don't know what to do with it.

Stories That Pay Off: Nike’s online sales have spiked — and it’s because of Colin Kaepernick

Sales on the web jumped nearly 31% in a single weekend.

Nike stock hits an all-time high — and Wall Street analysts say it’s because of Colin Kaepernick

Nike stock closed at $83.49 on Friday afternoon — a 4% increase since the ad’s release and its highest price in 2018.

Lehman Brothers employees on bankruptcy day and living through the beginning of the financial crisis

"There was some bitterness that Lehman Brothers was the sacrificial lamb. Everyone else was bailed out, but not Lehman."