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April 19, 2018

From nosy bosses to late-night texts, Ask a Manager has answers for all your awkward work problems

Workplace drama isn't what it used to be. Here's how to be professional and impress hirers in the toughest situations, according to Ask a Manager.

One reason tuition is going up? A new report finds much of the money is going to Wall Street.

A new report on Michigan State University found that for every dollar the school spent on scholarships in the last academic year, it also spent 32 cents paying hedge fund fees.

Why homes, rent and college are so much more expensive than they were in the 1960s

On the bright side? At least beer has gotten cheaper.

These are the most common money mistakes Americans make — and what you should do instead

Many of us are guilty of spending money we don't have to hang out with friends, but that's just one common money mistake.

How to go on a spending freeze that you’ll actually stick to

The concept of stopping your spending sounds easy enough, but it's a whole lot easier said than done.
April 11, 2018

Last-minute tax tips: A 10-minute tax guide for procrastinators

Here's everything you need to know to pick the best tax filing software, catch common missed deductions and get the biggest possible refund.

Saving for retirement: Why you and your partner need to talk about your plans ASAP

Fewer couples are talking about their retirement plans, according to a recent study. Here's how to get over conversation hurdles and start saving for your future.

The wrong bank account could cost you $4K: Here’s how to find a better one

You could be losing out on thousands of dollars in interest earned. Here's how to switch to a better bank.

Is there actually a wage gap? Yes, and here are some ways men can help fix it.

How should men be stepping up in the battle against wage inequality? Here are seven research-backed ideas for helping to make your workplace more egalitarian and fair.

Best ways to de-stress: This 10-minute trick could make you more relaxed and successful

A study found that one quick trick can help you de-stress — and perform better the next time you have to tackle a big project.
April 3, 2018

Same-sex marriage tax breaks: Are married LGBTQ couples leaving money on the table?

Filing taxes is confusing for everyone, but there are extra headaches for LGTBQ couples. Here's how to find out if you might be owed more money back.

Spotify non-IPO: What to know about the unusual listing and investing in your favorite companies

Spotify stock will start trading Tuesday under the ticker symbol SPOT in one of 2018's most anticipated stock market listings. Here are the pros and cons of investing in the music streaming service.

Make money moves: 30 simple ways to grow richer and smarter each day of Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month 2018 begins in April — and if you're looking for ways to save and earn more cash, turbocharge your career or just get your finances organized, this checklist can help.

Credit card purchases will no longer require signatures — here’s how to keep your money safe

Credit card transactions may become a little faster on April 1, when brands stop requiring signatures whenever you swipe your card.

Wedding gift etiquette: Here’s how much the average person spends as a wedding guest

Wedding season leaving you broke? Being a bridesmaid, groomsman, plus-one or distant relative can literally cost you — here's how much and how to save.
March 27, 2018

Are you on a store-returns blacklist? How to see the data retailers are quietly using to monitor you

In-store return policy drama? Retailers from Sephora to Best Buy may be tracking for signs of abuse. Here's how the Retail Equation may be involved, and how to check your own "return activity report."

Remington’s bankruptcy is just the start: Why gun companies are struggling in the United States

Remington's bankruptcy filing follows financial woes that have been an issue for some time now — and the company’s not the only gunmaker in America with declining sales in recent months.

Dropbox IPO kicks off — and 7 other money stories you may have missed this week

Dropbox stock is now trading publicly, but there's plenty more investor and consumer news that affect your money from this week. Here's what to know about tariffs, data leaks, recalls and more.

How to give better in 2018: Do more with less money for your family, friends and community

Here are three ways to get more meaning out of your money, by spending it wisely on your community and loved ones — while still having plenty of cash to take care of yourself.

Fed interest rate hike: Who should care — and 5 more answers on how higher rates affect your money

The Federal Reserve just made it harder to find the best mortgage and credit card rates — but getting a higher-paying savings account should be easier if you know where to look.