Jordan Wolf
Jordan Wolf

Extreme Testing Could Be the Future Of Education

Test taking may become much more exciting, thanks to educators experimenting with the "gamification" of traditional testing methods.

Is Gmail Down? 3 Ways to Survive the Google Mail Outage

Gmail's outage is frustrating, but I won't be that angry at Google unless it lasts much longer.

Gun Control Facts: California is the Most Anti-Gun, Arizona the Most Pro-Gun

Idaho and Arizona are pretty bad when it comes to gun control, and Texas is pretty good.

'This is 40' Movie Review: Not Quite 'Knocked Up,' But Pretty Funny

Apatow's recent movie, "This is 40" is not, in my mind, as funny as it's predecessor but I think it is a step forward for Apatow, and a fantastic film in it's own right.

Mitt Romney's Inauguration Speech

This is how a Republican President Mitt Romney's inauguration speech would have read.

Adam Lanza Shooting Proves How Little We Understand About Mass Killing

How to understand the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.


Powerball Lottery Winners: The Killer Reason You Should Not Have Bought That Powerball Ticket

With the Powerball jackpot at $550 million, it's important to recognize that lotteries are a tax on the poor and take advantage of our psychology. Explicit taxes would be more fair.

Presidential Polls 2012: Why Karl Rove Could Be Right, and Nate Silver Wrong

Who is right and who is wrong? Presidential polls are critical to us understanding who is trending in what direction.

Obama Ahead in the Polls and Electoral College, After Hurricane Sandy Game Changer

Obama gave up a commanding polling lead to Romney during the presidential debates, but the Obama/Sandy ticket will win over Romney/Ryan.

Romney RNC Speech Text: The Key Thing Mitt Will Not Say

Mitt Romney is going to get a bump from the Republican convention, and he could convince me that he's a good candidate if he did a few things.

In Obama and Romney Job Creation Policies, There is No Right Answer

Who can really do more for the economy? We will never know.


Texas Election Results: Ted Cruz Crushes David Dewhurst in GOP Senate Runoff

The establishment can't save David Dewhurst from the enthusiasm that has grown for Ted Cruz.

Batman Shooter James Holmes Debate: Gun Control Laws Do Not Stop Psychos

A recent shooting in Canada shows that deranged individuals may not be stopped by traditional gun control laws.

Batman Shooter James Holmes: This Massacre Should Never Have Happened, and Here is Why

If states followed the proper procedure required to bar mental health patients from owning guns, incidents like this would never happen.

Dark Knight Rises Spoiler: Batman Is Just Like All of Us

With no superpowers other than the ability to face his fears, Batman reminds us that there is a superhero in all of us.

SCOTUS Makes a Smart Health Care Decision, But Not the Right One

The Supreme Court was smart to rule the way they did; but unfortunately, the reverse ruling is probably more justified.


President Obama Big Government Regulation Has Helped the US Economy

The charge that Obama has over-regulated the economy is an oversimplification. The record is much more complex than that.

Prometheus Offers a Passionate Look at Human Identity

Prometheus offers a look into many fascinating aspects of the human condition.

Ron Paul Can Save the Libertarian Movement in the Texas Primary

Ron Paul can turn around his stagnant campaign in the greatest state in the union: Texas.

Does Facebook Make You More Lonely? The Science Behind Online Conversation

Facebook doesn't necessarily make us lonely, but it does threaten our ability to be authentic in our relationships with others.