Paul Leuck
Paul Leuck
Jan. 23, 2015

Yemen's Government Just Completely Collapsed. Here's What You Need to Know

So has a major pillar of America’s foreign policy “success” in the Middle East.

Dec. 28, 2012

Drones: Why Americans Shouldn't Worry About Them

There is nothing to fear from drones. The real issue is the political strategy they're being used in.
Oct. 23, 2012

Who Won Last Nights Debate: Romney Sways Undecided Voters

With neither candidate shined during Monday night's final presidential debate, Romney did enough by convincing undecided voters that he won't start another war.
Oct. 22, 2012

Who won the debate tonight: Romney effectively makes his case as the moderate Republican

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off at 9 p.m. in the final presidential debate. Follow along for real-time updates and analysis of the Boca Raton foreign policy debate.
Sept. 14, 2012

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Film Not the Reason For Riot at US Embassy in Yemen

The riot at the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a comes at a tumultuous time for U.S.-Yemen relations, and is more about the past year than about a YouTube movie.
May 22, 2012

Yemen Unification Day Overshadowed by AQAP Suicide Attacks in Sanaa

As soldiers from Yemen’s Central Security Forces drilled for Tuesday’s celebration of Unification Day, a suicide bomber detonated himself and killed over 90 soldiers in the capital Sana'a.

March 21, 2012

President Obama May Be Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen

The U.S. ignores accusations that it is keeping a Yemeni journalist in jail for his uncovering an American connection to airstrikes. This hurts U.S. counter-terrorism operations in the country.
March 6, 2012

Ron Paul Biggest Winner in Virginia Republican Primary, While Rick Santorum is the Biggest Loser

With only two candidates in the race, Paul could have a strong showing.
Feb. 22, 2012

As Yemen's Election Brings New President, U.S. Must Refocus its Foreign Aid and Counterterrorism Strategy

In backing the GCC transition plan in Yemen, the U.S. hoped to find a quick solution to a complex problem. Now that the election is over, the U.S. must shift its thinking to long-term planning.
Dec. 30, 2011

U.S. Visa Offer to Yemen's Saleh Should Not Be a Shocker

Allowing the nearly-deposed Yemeni president access to the U.S. is consistent with U.S. policy toward Yemen, but risks alienating the Yemeni public.
Nov. 29, 2011

What to Watch for in Yemen's Transition of Power

Now that Yemeni President Saleh has signed a deal to leave power, here are key issues to watch as Yemen begins what could be a tumultuous transition process.

Sept. 27, 2011

As Yemeni President Returns, U.S. Misses An Opportunity

Yemeni President Ali Abduallah Saleh has returned amid renewed violence, highlighting a failed American diplomatic effort and a missed opportunity to pressure him while in Saudi Arabia.
Aug. 31, 2011

Road to Revolution: A Timeline of Yemen Under Saleh

An in-depth look at the series of events that sparked Yemen's Arab Spring-moment earlier this year.
Aug. 4, 2011

Oil Shortage Creates New Problems for Yemen

The Arab world's poorest nation could soon lose its largest source of revenue: its oil
July 2, 2011

U.S. Needs a New Counter Terror Strategy in Yemen

To eradicate Al-Qaeda, the U.S. must learn from past mistakes in Yemen by working with different groups to prevent autocrats from monopolizing the country's security forces.
June 8, 2011

In Yemen, Too Early To Celebrate Saleh's Departure

Saleh's departure signals the need for a new approach by the Yemini movement to prevent losing nonviolent methods to violence and confusion.

May 18, 2011

Yemen's Saleh Skillfully Avoids Joining Other Leaders Ousted by Arab Spring

President Saleh uses tactful stalling and brutal force to stay in power, a strategy which comes at the price of his people's respect.
April 28, 2011

Counterterrorism in Yemen After Saleh

The ouster of Ali Abdullah Saleh would seem a tough loss in the fight against Al Qaeda in Yemen, but the United States can achieve more with less when the duplicitous president leaves.
April 19, 2011

What Happened in Yemen? How One General Changed the Game

Ali Abdullah Saleh appeared capable of navigating calls for his ouster but now faces rumors of civil war and negotiations aimed at his resignation. How one man altered the rules of the game.
March 16, 2011

Yemen Proves Tough Test for New Middle East Strategy

In Yemen, publicly backing calls for dialogue with autocrats claiming to support reform will put the Obama administration in a tight spot as Saleh demonstrates willingness to use deadly violence.