Michael Youhana
Michael Youhana

No, Bill de Blasio Isn't Going to Make New York a "Sheer Hellhole" Again

The verdict's still out on the causes of the precipitous decline of crime in New York, and "get-tough" policies, supposedly alien to New York's new mayor, only tell part of a complex story.


"Foreign Affairs" Forgets to Mention Douglas Feith Was Investigated For Bush-Era Torture

Foreign Affairs recently featured a story co-written by former Bush official Douglas Feith, arguing against far-reaching international law. They forgot to mention Spain wants him for war crimes.

If Bradley Manning Is a Traitor, Then So is George W. Bush

A stubborn "aiding the enemy" charge directed at Bradley Manning reveals that critics of war are subject to rougher hurdles than are the jingoistic proponents of empire.

What's Wrong With the Middle East? And Other Questions Aaron David Miller Can't Answer

The former State Department official and Foreign Policy columnist is too eager to ignore the realities of foreign intervention from his analysis of the region.

5 Reasons Why Egypt's Mohamed Morsi Severed Ties With Syria and Al-Assad

Some history, some news, tons of fun. There's many reasons that are leading Egypt to declare their diplomatic relationship with Syria null and void.

Gun Control Debate: American Gun Lobby is Full of Contradictions

The gun-rights movement is philosophically divided, but many Americans on both sides of the gun control debate often fail to recognize this fact.


Who Won the Presidential Debate 2012: Both Candidates Lost on Gun Control

At the second presidential debate at Hofstra University, let's hope that Obama and Romney will dedicate at least some time to foreign policy.

Biden, Ryan Clash In Entertaining Debate: Biden Wins The Debate, No One Wins The Anti-War Movement

Surprisingly, Biden held it together, while a frightened-looking Ryan drank half his body-weight in water.

Al Jazeera, Once Associated With Bin Laden, is Now One of the Most Respected News Outlets

The most recent episode of The Cafe is a testament to the high quality programming and political pluralism that has allowed Al Jazeera overcome venomous attacks from critics in the last decade.

Julian Assange Ecuador Asylum: Journalist Dominates State Department Spokesperson on US Hypocrisy

Matthew Lee's insistent probing reveals the shallow nature of the State Department’s case against Assange. His exchange with a spokeswoman is a reminder of the value of an assertive press.

Julian Assange Embassy Battle: WikiLeaks Founder Should Not Be Extradited For Whistle Blowing

Britain’s extreme behavior gives us cause to believe the WikiLeaks founder when he says he fears he will get extradited to the U.S.


Romney Speech in Jerusalem Was Not Racist, But It Might As Well Have Been

Romney does seem to attempt to organize communities into inborn categories of inferiority and superiority.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Make the 2012 Election Season Bearable

Stephen Colbert and John Stewart have seized on the 2012 election as a golden opportunity for political satire and media criticism.

Anonymous: The Grinch That Stole Christmas for Stratfor

In executing Sunday’s haphazard hack on Stratfor, Anonymous detrimentally blurred the line between hacktivist and robber.

Turkey Flexes Its Political Muscle in the Middle East

A move towards radical Islam is not to blame for Turkey's recent bouts of aggression towards the Middle East. Rather, a reemerging imperial attitude is.

Pictures of Protest: "March of the Million" in Tel Aviv

Exclusive photos from the "March of the Million" in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Wikileaks: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Wikileaks' new Twitter campaign, Wikileaks Find, allows the general public to play the role of journalists.

Murdoch: Journalism's Worst Failure

For failing the public, the media mogul has nothing left to do but resign.

Why Young People Don't Participate in Politics

The UN High-level Meeting of Youth attendees reflect on young people's disillusionment with today's political culture.

How Cyber Hackers Get Press

An author's brush with an Anonymous member was strange, especially when looking at the nebulous inner workings of a hacking collective seeking political legitimacy.