Adam Hogue
Adam Hogue

David Lamb and Brown Bird Represent Everything That Music Should Really Be About

Even through his battle with lukemia, he epitomized a true modern working artist: a man deeply committed to his community.

Where Should You Live Abroad? A Guide for Budding Expats

Pack your bags! Young Americans are moving out.

5 Best Cities for 20-Somethings Other Than New York

A cross-referenced list of America's millennial hotspots.

What You Probably Missed When Reading 'Romeo and Juliet'

Shakespeare's most famous tragedy is returning to Broadway, making it a good time to take a second look at the play, and the playwright himself.

Joss Whedon vs. JJ Abrams: Comparing the Genius Of Sci-Fi's Greats

The past decade has brought us a steady stream of science fiction hits, in no small part thanks to Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. Here's a look at the two master storytellers' parallel careers.

Salinger Movie: J.D. Salinger Would Hate the J.D. Salinger Documentary

Shane Salerno's new documentary, 'Salinger,' tells a story that was never meant to be told. Was making it the right thing to do?

The One Thing Even the Smartest Man In the World Can't Get Enough Of

Stephen Hawking is in the process of making an eponymous documentary, which makes us wonder: are noble pursuits really just part of our need for fame and recognition?

'Breaking Bad' Season 6: Why Do We Care About Walter White?

We are beyond wanting anything from him. We are beyond a happy ending or a tragedy; we want to see him be Walter White, wherever that leads him.

Will Saturday Night Live Survive Their All-Star Exodus?

With the departures of Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers, can SNL continue? Of course it can.

What It's Like to Attend Ansan Valley Rock Festival As An American in Korea

The Ansan Valley Rock Festival lumped me in, for one weekend, as the Korea in "Thank you Korea."

It's Not Just a Major — It's a Personal Brand

Intrinsically and arguably out on the job market, a degree is still a wonderful thing. But choosing a major seems to be less about supplying skills and more about producing an expensive brand.

Don't Run the Barkley Marathons — Because You Will Fail

The Barkley Marathons in Tennessee is a endangered species of events designed for humans to fail. No prizes, no glory, no directions; it's what an ultra-marathon should be.

5 Podcasts Every Millennial Should Listen To

Podcasts are the way we listen to radio now. Get into them. Change your life.

Justin Carter: There's a Little Troll In All Of Us

The recent news of Justin Carter is another example of the potential gravity of our online posts. As the internet evolves, so too should the way we choose to communicate on it.

Facebook Owns You and You Can Never Leave

You can walk away for a year, two years, live out in a shack in the woods but there will come a day where you find yourself wanting to check back to Facebook.

Pete Campbell is the Future Whether You Like It Or Not

The "Mad Men" episode, "Tale Of Two Cities" will be looked back on as the beginning of the rise of Pete Campbell. Finally, he is a man stepping into his skin and we would be wise to watch.

Why Do Americans Love Superheroes So Much?

Superman, Batman, Captain America, and the X-Men all carry with them a continuous narrative of good overcoming evil. They are predictable, arrested and static characters that will never fade.

8 Pictures Proving the Chicago Sun-Times Was Crazy to Cut Its Photo Department

In response to the Chicago-Sun Times firing its staff photography department, I present a collection of photos that have become much more than a moment in time.

Celebrate Mount Everest's Historic 60th Anniversary By Never Climbing It Again

Everest, in all of her majestic glory and beauty is quickly becoming the landfill of the rich and bored and that is no way to treat our highest place on Earth.

What the 6 Most Profitable Movies Of All Time Reveal About America

A look at the six most profitable films at the domestic box office and what they really say about Americans and Canadians.