Daniel Tanure
Daniel Tanure

'Thor: The Dark World' Movie Review: Thor is Back, and More Badass Than Ever

The first film in the series was just alright, but 'The Dark World' succeeds because it knows its limitations.

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Some musical pieces are so famous that you don't even bother knowing their name. Here are the 10 best examples.

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Some plot twists make a good movie better. Other plot twists make a bad movie badder. This is about the latter.

'Lovelace' Trailer: How Will Amanda Seyfried Flick Tackle Porn?

Will the Linda Lovelace biopic be just another porn-bashing Hollywood enterprise?

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Recap: Viewers Need a Break From Tragedy

The gritty, realistic tone of the show is refreshing, but the tragedy may end up getting old if it keeps up.


Immigration Reform 2013: I Just Want to Live in America Someday

I don't want to take anything from you. I just want opportunity.

Iron Man 3 Movie Review: It's Self-Absorbed and Half-Assed, But Still Great

Director Shane Black didn't bring his full game into this. Fortunately, his half-game is still enough to hold the movie together nicely.

'Oblivion' Movie Review: Tom Cruise Plays It Too Safe

This movie is guaranteed fun if you've never watched more than two movies in your life. Otherwise, you might want to skip it.

5 Biggest Stereotypes About Americans Traveling Abroad

Here are some of the most widespread, but inaccurate, notions foreigners have about Americans.

War With North Korea: Brazil's Top Political Party Endorses Kim Jong-Un [Full Transcript]

Brazil's top political party just sided with North Korea on the ongoing nuclear crisis. Get me out of this country already!

'Pain & Gain' Was the Worst Movie Idea Ever

Michael Bay is adapting a series of real-life murders from the 80s into an action-comedy film, and victims of the crimes are rightfully enraged.

'Only God Forgives' Trailer Shows Rising Trend in Art House Action Movies

A new batch of action films concerned with craftmanship heralds the blossoming of an exciting new genre.

6 Totally Awesome Internet Shows That Existed Before YouTube

Because YouTube wasn't the first site to tackle the concept of funny videos.

'Game Of Thrones' Review: Is Show Popular Because Of Women's Rights?

It's good to eat Cheetos and play Angry Birds, but sometimes we wish we were off in the wild slaying dragons and encountering no-nonsense warrior-women instead.

'Finding Dory' Movie: Is the Golden Age Of Pixar Finally Over?

Pixar just confirmed it's working on "Finding Dory," a sequel to wildly popular 2003 flick, "Finding Nemo." The production company is only digging itself into a hole by making this.


April Fools 2013: Pranks Nobody Has the Cojones to Pull

If people really cared about April Fools, this is what they would do.

'G.I. Joe Retaliation' Review: All Action and No Context Makes This a Dull Movie

This film has no character, plot, or dialogue worth talking about. You'd do better just going to a Monster Truck Derby or something.

'Kick-Ass 2' Movie Trailer: Watch Chloe Moretz in New Film Here

The sequel seemed like it would live up to its action-packed predecessor until Hit-Girl dances in front of her gym class and everyone cheers. Is the football star going to ask her to prom, too?

Bioshock Infinite: is It Art? And More Importantly ... Does It Matter?

Is Bioshock Infinite art? Well, who cares? The videogame industry should stop obsessing over the achievement of artistic recognition.