Esther Bergdahl
Esther Bergdahl
Deputy Editor

'Ant-Man' Is Less Feminist in 2015 Than It Was in 1963

Marvel's newest movie has no time for one of its best characters.


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The 10 Most Frequently Banned Books and Why You Should Read Them

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22-Year-Old Hero Died While Saving Passengers on the Sinking South Korean Ferry

Even as the water filled up to her chest, she was passing out life jackets.

Then-and-Now Photos of Mecca Show What's Happening to Islam's Most Sacred Site

Anyone who saw Mecca before the 90s is in for a terrible surprise today.

Spain's "Robin Hood" Duped the Banks to Make a Big Point About Capitalism

The country's economy is in shambles, and activist Enric Duran thinks that capitalism is to blame.

A "Human Zoo" Is Opening in Norway, in the Name of Art

The project has been denounced as shock theater and sparked outrage across the country.


How Gabriel Garcia Marquez Used His Pen to Bring Down a Powerful Banana Empire

Haven't heard of the United Fruit Company? There's a reason for that.

The World Bank Wants to Privatize the One Thing We Can't Live Without

Putting corporations in charge of something this vital is a mistake.

The Man Most Likely to Win Algeria's Presidential Race Has Been in Power Since 1999

It's everything that's wrong with this picture.

Iranian Mother Stops the Execution of Her Son's Murderer, Choosing Forgiveness Instead

Faced with the option for revenge by public hanging, she decided on something different.

Instead of Opportunity, Five McDonald's Employees Found Modern Day Slavery

Workers from Belize went to Canada for a better life, but this was the nightmare that they found instead.


Think Ukraine Is on the Brink of Civil War? That's Because Putin Wants You To

Putin has a master plan, and the media is falling for it.

CNN Turns a Boring Royal Visit Into a Racist Nightmare in Just 13 Seconds

Because if there's anything Americans are good at, it's finding ways to mock indigenous traditions.

Understanding the Feminist Controversy Behind 'Gone Girl'

The anticipated new Ben Affleck and David Fincher movie is already making headlines, but not for the right reasons.

11 Beautiful Photos of Passover Being Celebrated Around the World

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