Andrew Stokols
Andrew Stokols
Dec. 20, 2013

An Inside Look at Western China's Muslim Minority

Recent violence in China has drawn attention to the Uighurs. Who are they?

April 22, 2013

Will China Legalize Gay Marriage Before the United States?

Gay marriage in China could prove to be both socially and politically valuable for that country. More so, the stigmas gays face in America aren't as pronounced as they are in China.
April 1, 2013

What China Thinks About Obama's "Asian Pivot"

The “Pivot” to Asia is unrealistic if its goal is to contain China’s influence in Asia, a region they consider their back yard.
March 18, 2013

Xi Jinping Presidency: Expect Reform, But Not Of the Political Sort

Xi Jinping emerged as China’s top leader on Thursday. With just 1 vote against him, he has an “electoral mandate” that any U.S. president would salivate over.
Jan. 11, 2013

China Free Speech: Protests in Guangzhou Are a Small Win for Press Freedom

The strike in Guangzhou shows that in China free speech is a slowly evolving concept. It also highlights growing regional and class divides in the country.
Jan. 4, 2013

China's Economy in 2013: Can it Ease the Property Bubble?

In 2013, China's economy will be faced with new opportunities and challenges. Most notably, the country will have to wean itself off real estate fueled growth and into more productive areas.

Oct. 22, 2012

Obama Romney Debate LIVE: Presidential Debate Preview

Real-time commentary on the foreign policy debate, the third and final of the presidential debates.
Sept. 25, 2012

Senkaku Islands Dispute LIVE Anti Japan Demonstrators Riot Over Island Dispute, Government Cracks Down

Protests against Japan's recent efforts to buy the disputed Diaoyu islands spread to cities across China Saturday, and in some cities turned violent.
Feb. 9, 2012

As China's Next PM Prepares for America Visit, Mitt Romney's Threats of Trade War Strain U.S.-China Relationship

China's next leader is visiting the U.S. at a time when politicians from both sides of the aisle are increasingly aggressive on confronting China. But is any of this rhetoric useful?
Dec. 20, 2011

Kim Jong Il's Death From China's Perspective

China is worried about possible security and migration concerns in the wake of the North Korean leader's death.
Nov. 19, 2011

How OWS Can Make Liberals Cool Again

OWS has focused attention on economic inequality; now the movement must find a way to shift political vocabulary that still treats "free markets" as religious doctrine and "liberal" a dirty word.

Oct. 17, 2011

Mitt Romney’s Vision for American Foreign Policy is Hollow and Unconvincing

Romney's core policy vision of increased defense spending is misguided.
Sept. 20, 2011

How to "Deal" with China: Invest at Home

American's should stop placing the blame on China for the country's economic woes, and focus on fixing the growing income inequalities by investing at home.