Bryant Harris
Bryant Harris
Dec. 31, 2013

Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton: Who's the Better Liberal?

Elizabeth Warren said she won't run for president in 2016, which was a huge positive for Hillary. But is it a positive for liberals, too?

Sept. 5, 2013

Syrian Execution Video: So-Called Moderate Rebels Also Committing War Crimes

Although underreported in the media, Free Syrian Army and its affiliates are complicit in several of their own war crimes. As such, it is flawed to label them as "moderates."
Sept. 4, 2013

Donald Rumsfeld Still Giving Foreign Policy Advice For Some Weird Reason

On the Today Show, Donald Rumsfeld implied that he would like to see the Obama administration take more aggressive action in Syria, further pushing the neoconservative agenda.
Sept. 3, 2013

Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit: How a Baller is Rebounding Kim Jong-un's Image

Dennis Rodman continues to insist his visits to North Korea aren't diplomatic, but also insists they'll improve relations. But this comes at the cost of Kim Jong-un's brutalized subjects.
Aug. 29, 2013

Syria Strike: Will Hitting Assad Help Al-Qaeda?

It seems clear that the U.S. is going to attack the al-Assad regime and many are astutely asking how al-Qaeda will benefit. The larger and longer the operation, the more Al-Qaeda gains.
Aug. 28, 2013

Joe Biden Wanted Bush Impeached For the Very Thing Obama is About to Do

Obama and Biden threatened to impeach Bush if he took action on Iran without congressional approval. Now they're hypocritically about to launch their second war without congressional approval.

Aug. 27, 2013

Syria Facts: 11 Things to Know About the Country We're Going to Bomb

It's becoming increasingly clear that the United States is going to engage in military action against Syria. But how much do you know about the country and its brutal rulers?
Aug. 26, 2013

The CIA Just Let a Man Smuggle Uranium On a Plane — But They Have a Pretty Good Reason

CIA operatives arrested Patrick Campbell at JFK International for smuggling uranium in the soles of his shoes, with the ultimate intention of shipping yellowcake from Sierra Leone to Iran.
Aug. 22, 2013

Chelsea Manning Hormone Therapy: Will the Military Foot the Bill?

Chelsea Manning is asking the military to fund her hormone replacement therapy. The government is responsible for providing healthcare to transgender inmates just as it does for cisgender ones.
Aug. 21, 2013

NSA Spying Gets Even Creepier With Facial Recognition Software

BOSS, a new facial recognition technology in development by the Department of Homeland Security, promises to combat terrorism and crime but could have sinister applications if left unregulated.
Aug. 20, 2013

Al Jazeera America Debuts, But Will Real 'Muricans Watch It?

Al Jazeera has faced fire from the U.S. public and literal fire from the U.S. government. However Al Jazeera America promises to shake up cable news, provided Americans discard their biases.

Aug. 19, 2013

David Miranda Detained By Brits in Blatant Attempt to Intimidate Glenn Greenwald

The British government arrested and interrogated David Miranda, Glenn Greenwald's partner, on terrorism charges, questioning him about Edward Snowden for nine hours and seizing his electronics.
Aug. 15, 2013

Bahrain Arrests and Tortures American Tagi Al-Maidan, and U.S. Barely Lifts a Finger to Help

Bahrain security forces arrested a U.S. national and subjected him to torture. The U.S. is doing little to help because of its cozy relationship with the Al-Khalifa regime.
Aug. 14, 2013

Egypt's Shameful Response to Peaceful Assembly

The Egyptian army has made good on a longstanding threat to violently end the pro-Morsi protests. The U.S. gave up any power to stop them when John Kerry said they were "restoring democracy."
Aug. 13, 2013

Why Everyone Should Oppose North Carolina's New Voter ID Laws

Liberal, libertarian, or conservative, there's reason for everyone to oppose North Carolina's new voter ID law, which skews election results, wastes taxpayer money, and reduces transparency.
Aug. 12, 2013

This Rodeo Clown Puts On An Obama Mask, and What Happens Next is Terrible

Some call it an expression of harmless political satire and others say it's KKK rally racism. The real disgrace is that taxpayers paid for it.

Aug. 8, 2013

Why Are Chinese Workers At Apple Suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron Trying to Commit Suicide?

Apple tries to deflect the blame for worker's rights abuses onto its suppliers, but the rigid contracts that only allow manufacturers to turn a narrow project actively encourage worker abuse.
Aug. 8, 2013

If You've Communicated With Someone Outside Of the U.S., the NSA Has Spied On You

The media has recently revealed that the NSA likely collects and monitors all of Americans' international communications without a warrant, reading it if it contains a reference to a "target."
Aug. 7, 2013

This Kenyan Lawyer Wants to Sue Italy and Israel For Killing Jesus

On shaky legal, historical, and theological grounds, Kenyan lawyer Dola Indidis wants to sue Italy and Israel to exonerate Jesus in the International Court of Justice.
Aug. 5, 2013

The DEA is Using NSA Surveillance and Covering It Up

Edward Snowden's recent leaks have shined light on the NSA's extensive, opaque surveillance techniques. The DEA is likely making use of this intelligence and then officially covering it up.