Cristina Maza
Cristina Maza

7 Historic Sites Around the World in Danger of Disappearing

And not necessarily because of war.

How Technology is Turning the Tables on Human Traffickers

Big data can help eliminate human trafficking.

Even the Most Hardcore Travelers Should Not Visit North Korea. Here's Why.

A new VICE documentary takes us to a place that most people haven't been to. But here's why you should think twice before doing the same.

Animals Suffer as Much as Humans During Wars. Here's Why.

Can animals experience stress and pain the way humans do?

What Europe's Last Dictatorship Can Teach Us About Ukraine Protests

The millennials have spoken.

Qatar's Vagina Stadium Distracts from Heinous Human Rights Abuses

Who cares whether a vagina-shaped sports arena should be celebrated or ridiculed? There's something much more important to discuss.


What Overworked Millennials Can Learn From Europe's Laid-Back Lifestyle

The “Slow Movement” offers some alternatives to those who are beginning to question whether a fast paced life is right for them.

When Placed in the Wrong Hands, Social Media is Being Used to Oppress Women Around the World

Women are taking to social media to raise awareness of their fight for equality. But dictators and harsh governments have access to the very same tools.

Nokia Lumia 2520: How to Make Sure You're Buying an Ethically Made Tablet

The newfound popularity of the tablet has left ethically minded consumers wondering about the implications of purchasing a new tablet this fall season.

'I am Malala' Review Reveals the Dark Truth About Malala Yousafzai's Rise to Stardom

It is important to recognize the incredible courage of Malala Yousafzai. Her biography, I Am Malala, also shines a light on something most Americans might rather forget.

3 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Used to Spy On You

Recent evidence demonstrates that your iPhone can indeed be used to spy on you. Here are three ways it can be done.


In the 2016 Presidential Election, Obamacare Opponents Will Lose Big Time

Opponents of Obamacare are shooting themselves in the feet by creating a political petri dish that will prove which policies work better.

New iPhone Release Covers Up a Dark Reality About Apple

Making your product more affordable sometimes comes at an ugly price. This week, a Chinese labor rights group publicly exposed that Apple flouts human rights in the production of its wares.

3 Signs You're Gay, According to Republicans

"I like being a guy," said New Jersey's Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan trying to disqualify his Democrat opponent Cory Booker.

Why Gay Rights Are on the Rise In These 5 Countries

The recent improvements in countries traditionally conservative countries demonstrate the interconnected relationship between human-rights improvements and setbacks globally.

The Studies Are In, and Meatless Mondays Are Good For Everyone

Health? Fossil fuels? The environment? A love of all things warm and fuzzy? Pick your reason — there are plenty of good ones to cut down on meat.


Republicans' Ultimatum to CNN and NBC is Bad News — For Republicans

By limiting the coverage of GOP debates in 2016, Reince Priebus will be contributing to a Democratic victory and shooting himself and his party in the foot.

An Inside Look At How Companies Are Profiting Off the Suffering Of Prisoners

As information becomes more readily available about the current situation in America's private prisons, prison tales may soon be on par with America's many health care horror stories.

Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis: Why Do We Care About One and Not the Other?

Mainstream journalists and social media users have dedicated more time and energy to covering Martin’s case because of the way it showcases America’s fear of young black men.

The Berlusconi Sex Scandal Makes People Question, Should We Legalize Prostitution?

The only way to eventually put an end to prostitution is to educate people from an early age about sex.