Sarah Dropek
Sarah Dropek

Why An Ender's Game Boycott is Not the Right Answer to Orson Scott Card's Homophobia

With the Ender's Game film set to debut in the fall, author Orson Scott Card is facing renewed criticism for his anti-LGBT views. Here's why one die-hard fan will not be boycotting the movie.


5 Ways to Pursue Passion and Make Money Doing It

Here are five awesome ways to pursue your passion and not bankrupt yourself (monetarily or emotionally) doing it.

Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup But Their Reputation Remains Tainted By Racism

The Blackhawks claimed victory against the Boston Bruins and won the 2013 Stanley Cup. But in spite of their partnership with the American Indian Center, their success is still marred by racism.

'Veronica Mars' Movie: Proving the Merits Of Collective Ownership

With the enormous success of the "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter campaign reaching far beyond the $2 million goal, it's clear there's more to be said about the collective ownership model.

Veronica Mars Movie 2013: Director Creates Kickstarter Page to Raise Money For Film

Rob Thomas has promised a 'Veronica Mars' movie, which would give us a strong, nuanced female on the big screen and a chance for him to revisit his original definition of feminist.

Issa Rae 'Awkward Black Girl': Series Proves Pop Culture Needs More Diversity

In her breakout web series, 'The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl,' Issa Rae shows that audiences are itching to fill the void of diversity in the media.

Millennial Designer Honors Heroic Women ... With Fantastic Underwear?

Underwear gets the short end of the style stick. Too often we forget how underwear can be empowering — until designer Shelly Ni took over.

Arianna Huffington: Petition Asks Her to Stop Exploiting Women On HuffPost

Arianna herself shouldn't be denigrated for some of her site's sexist, link-baiting articles, which are purely SEO and page views-driven.

Do Millennials Care Only About Making Money?

Are we a generation of get rich quick? Studies show it's true, but it's quite a hefty insult to an entire generation given our unique relationship with money, the economy, and our ideals.

Who Is Miss Universe 2012: Miss USA Olivia Culpo Is New Winner

Wednesday night's Miss Universe competition crowed Miss USA. But with all the gains we've made toward gender equality, it's time to call the competition what it is: a wholly sexist enterprise.

The 5 Most Sexist Events You Pay For

Sexism is undoubtedly pervasive in society. In order to keep from funding it yourself, here's five events to avoid shelling out cash for.


Presidential Debate 2012: Why Candy Crowley and Martha Raddatz Do Not Mark the End of Sexism

The first female presidential moderator in 20 years will take the stage tonight. While her presence does not symbolize the end of sexism, it does show steps towards future of gender equality.

Who Won the VP Debate 2012: Why Biden Won, But Still Sort Of Lost the Vice Presidential Debate

It's clear that Biden rocked the debate. But both Biden and Ryan lost big, proving politicians still have a long way to go in changing the way we structure our conversations about foreign policy.

A Lesson For Millennial Women: Don't Reinvent The Wheel (Unless You Want To)

Forbes reports on a new women-entrepreneur supporting conference from Claudia Chan and it looks like the overwhelming message from female internet activists is to listen to your elders.

Alexander Cockburn Death Marks Loss of Classic Journalism

With the deaths of Alexander Cockburn and Anthony Shadid, journalism seems to be losing some of the greats. But all is not lost in the age of the internet and NPR.

San Antonio Man Sues Government to Give Women Back Their First Amendment Rights

A San Antonio citizen is fighting to get God off currency and out of our swearing in the process. His quest brings back the issue of religion and God in government.


Boy Scouts Gay Ban Sends Wrong Message to Youth

Following den mother Jennifer Tyrrell's removal because of her sexual orientation, Boy Scouts of America reaffirms ban of openly LGBT individuals bringing questions of civil rights to the table.

Lesbian Super PAC Supports Republicans Who Support LGBT Rights

There's a new lesbian Super PAC in town and its mission statement and candidate criteria point out what's wrong with pitting parties against each other this election cycle.

An Open Letter to Daniel Tosh and People Who Still Think Rape Jokes Are Funny

Comedian Daniel Tosh recently went viral courtesy of a brave individual blogging about how he jokingly invited audience members to gang-rape her during his sketch. No one is laughing.

How Game of Thrones Helps Make the Case for Abolishing the Death Penalty

As Scott Peterson files an automatic appeal for his conviction, maybe it's time we revisit why the death penalty isn't the best sentencing option out there to begin with.