Ian Ferguson
Ian Ferguson

U.S. Marines in Australia is Reckless Showmanship

Obama’s decision to base U.S. troops to Australia is just political showmanship. Economic integration with the region would be a better plan of action.

NBA Players Were Right to Reject NBA Owners' Deal

The NBA lockout will continue because NBA players rightly rejected the owners’ deal.

Space Exploration Is Best In Hands of NASA, Not Private Sector

Virgin Galactic might make it tempting to think that space is best in the hands of private companies, but NASA is still the best option.

WSJ Columnist Peggy Noonan Pushes Myth Of a Divided America

WSJ's Noonan would have you believe that Americans are politically polarized and further apart than ever before. In reality, the culture war is nothing but a myth.

Congress Isn't Acting As the Founders Intended

Congress has too many rules that help avoid compromise, making it look like more like a flawed parliamentary system.

Super Committee Should Consider Military Budget Cuts

Conservatives must recognize that our military can afford to be slimmed down.