Global Economy Needs African Youth

Africa could be the key to reviving the global economy, but first we must invest in its young people.


Former Dictatorships Now Talk Term Limits

In an age of accountability across dictatorial regimes, term limits are among the hot topics in international relations.

The Path to Statehood: South Sudan Follows Precedent

South Sudan's independence shines light on the different approaches that other prospective nations are using to achieve statehood.

The Jasmine Revolution in Palestine

As government reform sweeps the Middle East, the Palestinian factions have reconciled their differences. With the merging of Fatah and Hamas, a new future may be in the works for Palestine.

Al-Jazeera’s Rise in America

Step aside FOX and CNN: With recent events in Egypt, Al Jazeera is finally making in-roads in the American television news market.

America’s Dilemma in Egypt

America faces a dilemma in Egypt: support the people in the name of democracy, or the regime in the name of stability. If the people prevail, the U.S. won't want to be on the wrong side.

Does Internet Freedom Lead to Democracy?

Everyone's talking about how the Internet will bring democracy to regions like the Middle East. While the Internet is a powerful catalyst, it will not necessarily produce more democracies.