Megan Malloy
Megan Malloy

Cory Booker Food Stamp Challenge: This Might Just Be a 2016 Publicity Stunt

Amid criticism, Mayor Cory Booker is eating on $4 a day and is reducing the stigma of food stamps.

Lena Dunham Girls: The Princess of HBO Becomes a Memoir Queen

Lena Dunham's new memoir promises all of the things from "Girls" we love (or love to hate): embarrassing stories, meditations on gender, and probably some hilariously bad sex as well.

Ruby Sparks Trailer: Zooey Deschanel, Zoe Kazan and the Pitfalls of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Zoe Kazan's new movie, Ruby Sparks, has the opportunity to create a female character more complex and three-dimensional than its predecessors. Will it take it?

New Pixar Movie Brave Perpetuates Girly Princess Culture

Disney Pixar's first female protagonist is an unconventional princess. Is feeding into "Princess Culture" the only way to sell movies with girls center-stage?

Texas Republicans 2012 Platform Opposes Critical Thinking and Supports Corporal Punishment

The Texas GOP's new 2012 party platform stifles public education and freedom of thought.

Born in the USA: Bruce Springsteen is the American Dream in Action

David Brooks and Chris Christie are both huge Bruce Springsteen fans, despite their politics. What is it about the Boss that conservatives love so much?

Brant Brothers Highlight Lifestyles of the Rich and Frivolous

The New York Times is the country's paper of record, but its content privileges its target audience: the super-rich. The latest Styles profile of the Brant brothers hits this home.

French President Hollande Will Not Back Austerity, Staying True to Socialist Roots

After proposing a 75% tax on the highest-earners, newly-elected French President François Hollande would do well to listen to Prime Minister Cameron's economic advice.