Marci Santiago
Marci Santiago

NBC Has Ruined Olympics 2012 For All of Us

The Twitterverse is rife with complaints against NBC's shoddy coverage of the Olympics.

Linsanity Goes To Houston: Jeremy Lin Leaves NYC After Knicks Fail To Match Rockets Offer

The New York Knicks may not match a $25 million deal to keep Jeremy Lin and the Linsanity in New York this season. Is this a good decision?

Outsourcing Problem Was Not Created By Obama

President Obama was given a taste of his own medicine as the GOP blasted him on his outsourcing record, but the fact is that neither Obama or Romney are directly responsible for outsourcing.

Internet Doomsday Virus: Why The U.S. Needs To Beef Up Cyber Security

The so called “Internet Doomsday” is set to hit hundreds of thousands of computer users all over the world Monday. Viruses like this are why Congress can't cut defense spending.

Scientology At Center of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce

Ever since actress Katie Holmes announced her plans last week to divorce Tom Cruise rumors have swirled that Cruise’s religion, Scientology, might be the cause. But, what exactly is Scientology?

Obamacare Ruling: How the Supreme Court Redefined the 2012 Election

In a 5-4 decision, The Supreme Court has redefined the upcoming presidential election. It now represents America’s feelings on Obamacare.


Obama Bain Capital Attacks Miss the Mark: Millennials Need a Jobs Plan, Not Finger-Pointing

A new crop of college graduates is entering a grim labor market while President Obama squabbles about Romney's Bain Capital record.

Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Ruling: Majority of SB 1070 Struck Down By SCOTUS

The high court is set to hand down a decision on Arizona’s S.B. 1070 this week that could end up affecting millions of Latinos across the country.

Obama Immigration Reform: 3 Reasons to Support His New Policy

President Obama is garnering support for his new policy on immigration. Here are three reasons why you should too.