Lowell McDonald
Lowell McDonald

VP Debate 2012: Schedule, Time, and Livestream

The low-down on the next presidential and vice presidential debates. Schedule, times, locations, and topics for Biden vs. Ryan and Obama vs. Romney.


Presidential Debates 2012: Who Won Should Be Irrelevant

The media is quick to frame the 2012 presidential debates in terms of Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama, who won and who lost, but that only fuels are political dysfunction.

Presidential Debate Schedule: In the Denver Debate Here Are the Top 5 Things Romney Should Say

As the first presidential debate approaches, Mitt Romney must use the time he has left before the election as wisely as he can. Here are the top five things he should do on Wednesday.

Joss Whedon is Preparing a New SHIELD and Marvel Comics TV Show: It Will Be Epic, Especially if They Include These Characters

Marvel takes over the small screen with new series, and it promises to be a huge hit.

When Rivers and Animals Get Human Rights, Democracy Gets Weird

With animals and rivers being granted legal protections as if they were human, we need to reconsider what makes us exceptional.

Bill Nye Slams Creationism, But His Criticism Misses the Mark

Bill Nye only scratches the surface on the war between faith and reason


Prenatal Genetic Testing is an Unethical Form of Playing God

An emerging form of genetic testing may engender discrimination.

Obamacare Lawsuit: Christian Colleges Sue Over Birth Control Mandate

Universities fight back against Obama's assault on religious freedom.

James Eagan Holmes May Have Been Psychologically Unable to Not Go on a Killing Spree

It could be that killers like Anders Breivik and James Holmes are literally unable to not kill. A new field called neurolaw investigates.

Dark Knight Rises Sequel: New Batman Movie May No Be That Good Without Christopher Nolan

Warner Bros. is seriously mishandling D.C. Comics properties. Here's how to fix it.

Romney Pro Life Flip Flopper: Why the In Vitro Fertilization Debate Could Destroy Romney

Romney is a flip-flopper on life issues. His past could come back to haunt him.

Atheist Billboards Attack Christian Beliefs of Obama and Romney

Billboards by American Atheists unfairly attack Christian beliefs of Obama, Romney, and other believers.

Obama Has Failed African Americans: We Need More Than Just a Black President

Black Americans have tragically misplaced their hope in politicians.

Republican Downfall Happened When GOP Aligned Themselves With Evangelicals

A former GOP staffer unfairly targets Christianity in a scathing Salon article.

Black Panther Movie: Marvel Refusal to Produce Film is Not Motivated by Racism

Marvel's first foray into the modern movie market, for instance, was none other than black vampire hunter 'Blade.'

Chinese Swimmer Steroids Allegations: Ye Shiwen Performance Raises Suspicion

We should not be so hasty in allowing legalized performance-enhancement in sports.


Obama, NAACP Condemned by Black Pastor William Owens Over Gay Marriage Endorsement

Reverend Owens argues that blacks will not back Obama come November.

Feminism Lost in Comic Books: Hyper Sexualization of Female Heroes Alienates Women

Women are far too often portrayed in a hyper-sexualized fashion. Many are going outside to mainstream to create comics they enjoy.

New Evangelical Group Challenges Status Quo By Believing in Evolution, Not Just the Bible

The BioLogos Foundation provides a model for respectful debate between scientists and Evangelicals Christians.

Assisted Suicide Debate: Canada Raises Controversy After Striking Down Ban

When it comes to physician-assisted suicide, there are no easy answers.