Ann Jackowitz
Ann Jackowitz

Do Manners Still Matter to Millennials?

Manners count. We just have to know what they are.

All Americans Are Pro Life and Pro Family — Not Just Republicans

Americans across the board should reclaim "pro-life" and "family values," instead of letting Republicans monopolize the terms.

Ilyse Hogue: NARAL Pro Choice Announces Hogue As Nancy Keenan Replacement

Much fanfare and excitement greet NARAL Pro Choice's announcement of their new president. Incoming Ilyse Hogue will bridge generational gaps when it comes to abortion rights.

Susan G Komen Rep Plans Race to the Senate, After Failed Race to the Cure

Karen Handel, vilified in the media for her efforts at Komen Foundation to defund grants to Planned Parenthood, is in the national limelight by a comeback to plan a primary bid for U.S. Senate.

Mitt Romney Mormon: How His Religious Views on Women Will Affect His Presidency

If elected, Mitt Romney's Mormon faith will likely impact his presidency, and that will have a disproportionate effect on women in America, as Romney's leadership in the Mormon church shows.

Obama vs Romney Abortion Stance: The Right to Have an Abortion is What This Election is About

When I was 29-years-old I had an abortion and my life would have been totally different had I not had the right to choose. Electing Obama is the only way to maintain this progress.


Bill Gates and Elton John Attend AIDS Conference 2012, But Obama is a Notable No Show

The Bi-Annual International AIDS Conference is back in the U.S. It is momentous because for more than 20 years, the United States was not allowed to be a host. And Obama turned it around.

Justin Bieber New Tattoo Shows Increasing Popularity of Body Art

In the United States, tattooing one's body used to be class divider. Today, it's an equalizer.

Marijuana Legalization Should Be a Focus in 2012 Election

Whether the candidates like it or not, in the swing state of Colorado, the voters want to hear their position on marijuana legalization.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Wendy Long Battle in NY Senate Race With National Implications

Despite a number of similarities in background, education and professional experience, the two candidates are diametrically opposed in their views.

Homelessness in America: The Meanest Cities in the US Make Homelessness a Crime

With an increasing number of homeless people in the United States, will the cities and police hard-liners be at odds with the Feds? For T.K. Jackson, this question became a real-life scenario.

Abortion Rights in the US: Lisa Brown Proves Vagina Is a Dirty Word in Michigan

The growing attempt by state legislators to control women by imposing draconian measures to restrict abortions harkens back to the days of male dominance.

Gay Marriage Uproar: 5th Grader Blocked From Reading LGBT Speech in School

How can we teach children to respect human rights when their educators don’t? Ten year old Kameron Slade shows us how.