Juan Pablo Laso
Juan Pablo Laso

Sorry America, the Rest Of the World Just Doesn't Understand the Super Bowl

Sunday night, as U.S. viewers sat down to the Super Bowl the rest of the world went about its business as usual. What's the consensus from abroad? Super Bowl Sunday is just America being America.


Mayan Apocalypse 2012: Dispatch From the End of the World

To all those nay-sayers out there, I'm writing from the future. And guess what? That Mayan prophecy was right.

Is Bullfighting Art, Or is it Torture?

On Dec. 6, for the first time in over 50 years, no bullfights were held at the Plaza de Toros Quito. Ideas about bullfighting are changing across the world, but the central question remains.

Viral Videos 2012: What Gangnam Style, Kony, and Call Me Maybe, Say About Us

The top 10 most viral videos of 2012 can tell us a lot about ourselves and the world we live in. Spoiler alert, Gangnam Style was not the most viral video of the year.

Obama vs Romney: A Foreigner's Perspective on Why Barack Obama Should Win

As Americans head to the polls, their vote will affect more than just the U.S., it will affect the rest of the world. As a foreigner looking in, I cast my vote, in spirit, for Barack Obama.

Paul Ryan VP Debate: Ayn Rand, the Woman Behind the Paul Ryan Philosophy

As Paul Ryan gears up for tonight's vice presidential debate, a look at the ideology and ideas behind Ayn Rand, the woman who he credits as "the reason I got involved in public service."


Presidential Debates 2012: Why Neither Romney Nor Obama Will Talk About Global Warming

On October 3, President Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will debate. But they won't be talking about Anthropocene, even if it's a matter of life and death.

How the Climate Change Debate Became a Partisan Culture War

Climate change has become as much of an existential and political question as it is a scientific one.

Global Warming Effects: Human Beings Are Not Fit to Control the Planet

As we enter a new geological age, the Anthropocene, it is becoming more apparent that civilization carries on thanks to a form of inertia. It's time to stop and reflect, before all hope is lost.

Global Warming is Real: Dissenters Convert and a French Island is Nearly Underwater

The writing is on the wall, and no longer can we pretend that global warming is just a figment of our imaginations. This summer is proof, we are living through an extreme global climate change.

Higgs Boson Found: The God Particle is the Key to Understanding the Universe

Early Wednesday morning, scientists announced that evidence of the Higgs boson, aka the 'God particle', has been found. But, what exactly does that mean?

Lonesome George Dead: Famous 100 Year Old Galapagos Tortoise Dies

Lonesome George was the last of his kind. Accidentally discovered in 1972, the giant Galapagos tortoise died this week. His death marks the last of his species.

Yoga in Times Square: Why Freud Might Have Reached for the Yoga Mat

On June 20, 14,000 people did yoga in Times Square. As each year we become more and more technologically in tune, what is the role that yoga plays in our constantly connected lives?