Jane Napier
Jane Napier

American Horror Story Season Finale: Wednesday Nights Just Got Much Less Scary

Wednesday was American Horror Story's season finale. No more padded walls or electroshock therapy on Wednesday nights (thank goodness!)

Golden Globes 2013 LIVE: Complete List of Winners and Losers (LIVE Stream)

On Sunday at 8 p.m. an estimated 250 million will tune in to NBC for a good time.

NFL Playoffs Recap: Why Don't We See More Women's Sports on TV?

Even with 9999 channels, watching women's sports is a mighty quest.

Cyber Monday Deals 2012: Amazon, GameStop, and the Best Deals This Cyber Monday

Forget Black Friday, we don't have time to get trampled in line. This Cyber Monday there are great deals to get from the comfort of your home (or the office).

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review: Thank God the Twilight Trilogy is Over

The "Twilight" books weren't exceptional ... the movies even less so. Don't expect for Twihards to go into withdraws when this fad is over.

Famous Sandys: 10 Sandys Who Have Taken America by Storm

Sandy the Frankenstorm isn't the only famous or memorable Sandy. Here are 10 other Sandys who have made their presence known throughout the years.

Taylor Swift Red Album Review: Country Princess Goes Pop With New Album and Sound

Taylor Swift's new album "Red" is on the market and already number one on iTunes. Swift is taking risks, trying out new sounds and going for a feel that's a lot less country.

American Horror Story Asylum Premiere: Season 2 Review

Believe it or not, American Horror Story: Asylum is scarier, bigger, and badder than before. Better keep the lights on for this season.

American Horror Story TV Show Premiere: 7 Reasons to Watch Season 2 the Asylum

"American Horror Story" is all new and scarier this season. Want to see what's going down in an insane asylum? It's good to be scared.

666 Park Avenue: Sell Your Soul to the Devil for Manhattan High End Real Estate

From the creators of "Gossip Girl," "The Vampire Diaries" and "Pretty Little Liars," and just in time for Halloween, comes this new series that is scarier than looking for an apartment in NYC.

666 Park Avenue Review: Not the Horror Story It Is Made Out to Be, But It is Still Good TV

The pilot episode sets the stage for bigger things to come.

Jon Stewart Bill O Reilly Debate Date and Preview: Why Stewart and O Reilly Will Be Way Better Than the Real Thing

"The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium" will pit "The O'Reilly Factor" and "The Daily Show" hosts against each other in a pay-per-view event.

Chris Brown Domestic Violence CD Labels Help Promote Abusive Artists, Not Causes

Customers in London at the HMV stores were reminded that Chris Brown is a convicted felon for domestic abuse by a sticker on his CD that said "do not buy this album this man beats women."

Illegal Downloading: Minnesota Woman Owes 222K For Copyright Infringement, Says Judge

Having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for downloading music is quite the killjoy.

Blake Lively Married to Ryan Reynolds: The Top 10 Secret Celebrity Weddings

With the paparazzi running into everyone's business it's no surprise that sometimes celebs have to keep their weddings hush-hush. Jay-Z and Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, to name a few.

Justin Bieber Loses to One Direction, Lady Gaga Perfume Ad and the Top 10 Moments at the MTV Video Music Awards

Want to look knowledgeable and hip on the VMA 4-1-1? Here's all you need to know about what went down.

Labor Day Weekend 2012: 10 Best Ways to Spend the Last Weekend of Summer

This is the final weekend of summer fun. Live it up.

Paul Ryan vs Rage Against the Machine, and the Top 10 Musicians Who Stuck it to Politics

"Please don't stop the music" applies to everyone but a politician playing music at political rallies.

Oregon Football Ex Quarterback Nate Costa Says Oregon Cheerleaders Have Gotten Uglier: His Comments Are Tasteless

It's hard to be completely offensive and tasteless in 140 characters or less but this past Monday former QB Nate Costa did his best on Twitter.

LeBron X Nike Sneaker is an Overpriced Status Symbol

As the new $300 pair of Nikes prove, shoes have been raised up from a simple foot protection to an important marker of social status.