Grace Gallagher
Grace Gallagher

Does Nostalgia Change the Way We Feel About the Past?

Nostalgia isn't the beast it was once thought to be. It turns out that nostalgia can both make our pasts rosier, and our futures more bright.

'Sleep No More' Review: Interactive Play Makes Us Kids Again

As weird of an experience NYC's interactive show "Sleep No More" is, it's unlike anything you've ever done before.

Oscars 2013: Why We Love to Watch Absurdly Long Awards Shows

Why do we voluntarily subject ourselves to awards shows that are longer than 'Titanic'? Because we love that amid unemployment, guns and war, borrowed jewels can for a moment make everything OK.

Tinder: A User's Guide to the Internet's Weirdest New Love Connection

The online dating world has entered a new stratosphere. Forget OkCupid, forget, welcome to the entirely superficial world of Tinder. All the kids are doing it.

The Death Of Dating: How Millennials Completely Changed the Dating Game

Is "courtship" dead among millennials? The New York Times argues yes ... but they're wrong.

9 Best Books of 2012

I’m sure I missed some great novels this year, but these are the books that meant something to me.

New York Taxi Vote: New Yorkers Can Now E-Hail Taxis

As all New Yorkers know, finding a taxi in this urban jungle is a bit of a nightmare. Thursday, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to approve e-hailing cab apps.

Hipsterdom May Be Ironic, But Underneath That Irony is An Insecurity That is Sincere

In her 'New York Times' op-ed Christy Wampole takes issue with the ironic way of life so widely adopted by millennials. More than anything, her article just proves how much she doesn't get it.

Sry g2g: The Casual Cancellation Texting Phenomenon for Millennials

When millennials text, it's just as often to cancel plans as it is to make them. Is "sorry, my phone died" the new "the dog ate my homework?"

Finding Peace in the Storm's Wake

We woke up this morning to a landscape ravaged by Sandy, and now we are waiting. Waiting for power, for subways, to get moving again. But there is something beautiful in the stopping.

Lena Dunham Book Deal: Why Not That Kind of Girl is Worth 3 and a Half Million Dollars

Can’t we just be happy for a millennial’s success and not try to decide whether or not she is “worth” it?


Millennials: Let Your Career Passions Follow You and You Might Be Waiting a Long Time

A recent NYT article says when it comes to having a career you're passionate about, the best advice for millennials is to play it cool. But is that the best way to get #passion to follow you?

Gangnam Style YouTube Video by Psy is the Call Me Maybe of KPop (VIDEO)

"The Atlantic," "Gawker," "CNN," my ex boyfriend, T. Pain, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and your mom have one thing in common: they are all talking about Psy.

Burning Man 2012: The Truth Behind the Mysterious Nevada Festival

Burning Man. A festival so filled with intrigue and mystery that I took it upon myself to see what the week of festivities is really all about.

The American Busy Trap, as Explained by a 4-Year-Old

Tim Kreider's op-ed 'The "Busy" Trap' seems to have struck a crowd with a nation of people who are "crazy busy". But there is a difference between being busy and just plain over-scheduled.