Courtney Hodrick
Courtney Hodrick

Condoms in Schools: Philadelphia Schools Take Bold Step to Fight STIs

Students in 22 Philadelphia high schools will return from winter break to find condom vending machines in the nurse’s office, as part of a campaign to lower STI rates in teens.


Who Won the Presidential Debate: Obama and Romney Both Flopped

Keep tuned for constant updates and the latest poll numbers during Monday's final presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, on the issue of foreign policy.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Emma Watson Will Not Be Cast As Anastasia Steele

Sorry, boys, your fantasies of seeing Hermione Granger do BDSM will not be coming true in this lifetime.

Obama Loses Debate: Romney Wins First Presidential Debate

Romney wins first presidential debate as Obama falters in Denver. Republican candidate could get boost in presidential polls.

Constant Surveillance System Will Make New York a Police State

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the Domain Awareness System will help fight crime. But Civil Liberties advocates are rightly up in arms.

5 Defining Paul Ryan Speeches on Taxes, the Budget, and Entitlements

Mitt Romney chose a vice presidential candidate who loves to talk about the economy. Here are 5 of his signature speeches.


Romney VP Nomination: LIVE Paul Ryan is Top Pick

The guessing games may be coming to an end soon as the GOP VP is announced.

Facebook Like Button Should Be Protected Free Speech

Should a Facebook “like” be protected by the First Amendment? Why not, if comments and posts are.

Trojan Vibrator Carts Make a Comeback as Bloomberg Flip Flops on Orgasms

NYC shut down two "pleasure carts" on Wednesday, but only until they got permits.

Romney Ad Attacking Obama War on Religion Has Hidden Economic Message

With his new advertisement, Mitt Romney stealthily plays the "Obama's a communist" card.

Romney VP Pick: Marco Rubio or Rob Portman, Announcement Will Depend on Candidate

Looking at when past Republican candidates have announced their running mates holds the key to the timing of Romney's announcement.


Marvin Wilson Execution: Man Receives Texas Death Penalty Despite Having an IQ of 61

Injustices like this have gone too far and have gone on for far too long.

Zombie Apocalypse: Florida Bath Salts Victim Ronald Poppo Speaks About Attack

Ronald Poppo, the homeless man whose face was nearly chewed off, just released his first interview about the incident.

Who Will Be Romney's VP Pick?

After months of speculation, Mitt Romney may be finally announcing his vice presidential nominee on Friday. Who do you think he will choose?

Michael Phelps Girlfriend: Megan Rossee Unfairly Attacked As a Gold Digger

Most of the rumors surrounding Megan Rossee have been nothing but negative, and that’s just unfair.

Chick Fil A vs Starbucks: LGBT Supporters Are Winning the Anti Gay Companies War

As the percent of Americans who support gay marriage passes the percent of Americans who don’t, LGBT rights opponents may feel more inspired to turn out to companies like Chick-fil-A.

14 Scary Facts About Wade Michael Page and White Supremacists in America

Here are 14 things you need to know about Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page, the white supremacy symbols tattooed on his body, and the history of the groups they represent.

iPhone 5 Release Date and Features: iOS6 and the 4 Features You Can Expect

September 12 is currently the rumored release date for what will probably be the newest, hottest gadget yet. Here’s a rundown of all of the features you can expect to find in your new iPhone 5.

DEBATE: Should Congress Regulate the Use of Attack Ads in Election 2012?

What role should attack ads play in the election cycle, and is there anything we can do about them?

Debate: Do These Three Charts Doom Obama for Re-election?

Weigh In: Why is Obama so popular if he isn’t succeeding compared to other presidents?