Dustin Riedesel
Dustin Riedesel

'Old Black People that Look Younger than Lorde' is Happening

Who thought this was OK?

Clay Aiken Running for Congress Could Be the Best Thing That's Happened to North Carolina

He's a Democrat with Republican ideals and a gay man with Christian values. Aiken could actually be a transformative candidate.

New York's Best Coffee Shops in One Awesome Subway Map

The definitive New York City coffee guide.

Watch the Trailer For the Way-Too-Soon Amanda Knox Movie

Seriously, Hollywood?

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Has a Celeb-Filled New Trailer

The new Wes Anderson film's marketing approach: pummel you with stardom until you fork over cash.

#AskRKelly Was a Shameful Twitter Massacre

Rape jokes, really? Some people just don't know how to behave on Twitter.

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Make Sweet Love to R. Kelly's "Genius"

You'll never think of Benedict Cumberbatch the same way again. Promise.

Ron Burgundy Sings a Very Special Song For Mayor Rob Ford

If you like it, you can take it. If you don't, just send it right back.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's ObamaCare Song Will Make Liberals Cringe

Publicly mocking a well-meaning healthcare bill? Get 'er done!

The Silk Road is Getting the Movie Treatment, and We Couldn't Be Happier

Fox Studios scooped up the rights to make a story about the rise and fall of internet drug kingpin, Ross William Ulbricht.

Kanye West Appears on 'Jimmy Kimmel' to End Their Wild Twitter Feud

Kanye never used the word "sorry," and Kimmel told Kanye that people think he's a jerk. Is this feud really over?

'Breaking Bad' Spanish Remake: Everything We Know About 'Metástasis'

Sony Pictures Television is adapting 'Breaking Bad' for Spanish-speaking audiences. Meet Walter Blanco, a chemistry teacher who starts cooking meth after he's diagnosed with cancer.

You're Not a Grown-Up Until You Stop Texting Your Mom

Your mom deserves an old-fashioned phone call.

'This is the End' Movie Review: Like Spending An Hour and a Half With Friends

The actors all play themselves, a gimmick that makes the movie funnier, more poignant, and somehow not gimmicky at all.

5 Reasons June is Going to Be the Best Month Ever

Hello, sweet summer! So many events in June! Here are some things to look forward to.

Tinder App: Totally Worth Downloading For 20-Somethings

Most of us are Billy Bean, not Brad Pitt, so why not use Tinder? It's really just an extension of you.

'Iron Man 3' Movie Release: And Other May Things to Be Excited About

The month of May is a big one for entertainment. From "Iron Man 3" to Dan Brown's "Inferno" to the Kentucky Derby, check out what's going on this month.

Twinkies Are Back: Start Clearing Room In Your Pantries!

Hostess says Twinkies will be back in stores in July, and they'll be as fatty and delicious as ever.

'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere and Other Things to Be Excited About This Spring

With the return of "Mad Men," the premiere of "Pain & Gain," and the NFL draft, there's a ton to be pumped about this season.