Katherine Costello
Katherine Costello

10 Songs That Have Gotten Every 20-Something Over a Breakup

Thanks to Facebook (and human nature) everybody thinks about their ex too much. The following 10 songs will help you avoid being part of the epidemic.

6 Brilliant Writers On the Importance Of Keeping a Journal

These six writers found that keeping a journal was essential to their work, and to their lives. You will, too.

5 Best Places in New York to Catch Outdoor Summer Movies

Catch a drive-in movie, NYC style!

6 Most Disgusting Things About Summer in the City

NYC in the summer is filled with fellow young professionals, strolls in Central Park, great happy hour places … but also these six unavoidable things that are just plain gross.

'Call Me Maybe' and Other Annoying Songs We Can't Help Loving

As polarizing as these tunes can be, we end up listening to them at the gym, on our walk to work, and to get in a good mood.

9 Things Greek Life Will Teach You

What my experience in a sorority has taught me thus far.


15 Regrets From Freshman Year Of College

If you had the chance to do your freshman year of college over again, what would you do differently? Here are some freshman year regrets from freshmen themselves!

Spring Fling Festival: Macklemore Tells Attendees to Push Gay Rights On White House

At a joint Calvin Harris/Macklemore concert in D.C., the "Thrift Shop" rapper urged attendes to rush the White House with "House of Cards" actor Kevin Spacey in support of gay rights.

5 Most Popular College Themed Parties

The routine of going to a regular bar, club, or dorm party on the weekends can get dull. Here are the five most common party themes to consider to spice up the affair.

Rolling Stones "50 & Counting" Tour Concert Dates and Cities: Is This Their Last Tour?

The band's 50th anniversary tour will take place in cities across North America kicking off in early May.

Marvin Gaye Birthday: 5 Of His Most Iconic Songs

In honor of what would have been the Marvin Gaye's 74th birthday, here are some of the late singer's timeless tunes.


College Study Tips: 5 Safe and Awesome Alternatives to Adderall

Students across the nation take Adderall, a pill that allows them to focus while studying. Because of the costs of the drug, both monetary and health related, here are some safer alternatives.

Lent Rules: How Many Of You Broke Lent Rules On Good Friday?

Forty days is a long period of time to go without meat or other indulgences, especially in the worlds of impatient, lazy college students or millennials.

6 Best College April Fools' Day Pranks

Pranking people in college is arguably more successful and more amusing than pranking other sectors of the population. Here are six easy ways to get a good laugh this April Fools Day.

10 Most Commonly Misused Words

Refer to this list when dealing with pesky synonyms, homonyms, or common misspellings!

Ryan Gosling: Will He Still Be a Thing After His Acting Hiatus?

Ryan Gosling recently announced he's taking some time off acting. What does that mean for his future? Will he make a strong comeback or fade into oblivion when and if he returns to the field?

Daft Punk New Album Release Date: 'Random Access Memories' Drops May 21

Daft Punk's comeback album, "Random Access Memories," drops this May. After eight years of silence, this album is long overdue.

College Hook-Up Culture Here to Stay Until Students Recognize Their Value

Until young adults realize they deserve more than an endless cycle of blurry one-night stands, the hookup culture will live on.

5 Fun Movies to Watch If You're Spending Spring Break At Home

If you're heading back to mom and dad's house for spring break rather than somewhere warm, you can turn to these movies and watch lots of fun things play out on screen.

Youtube Goats Yelling Like Humans: Why'd It Go Viral?

A YouTube video of goats screaming like humans is making the rounds on the Internet. Why is this nonsense so popular?