Anaam Butt
Anaam Butt

Could This Comic Book Really End Islamophobia?

Last week, Marvel unveiled the latest addition to their universe: a Pakistani Muslim named Kamala Khan. Through Kamala, Marvel hopes to promote cultural diversity.

'The Hunger Games': 5 Dystopian Novels To Read While You Wait for 'Catching Fire'

The next installment in the 'Hunger Games' series, 'Catching Fire,' is set to hit theaters on November 22. Here are five other chillingly amazing dystopian novels to read while you wait.

The Evolution Of TV Families Over the Past 50 Years

'Trophy Wife' and 'Mom' made their debut this week, adding to the diverse sitcoms in this year's fall lineup. TV families have certainly come a long way.

Meet the Courageous Comedians Touring America to End to Islamophobia

Muslim comedians Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad take their positive message to the main streets of America in the new documentary 'The Muslims Are Coming!'

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 9: 5 Ways the Gang Taught Us to Be Better People

In honor of the season premiere, here is a look at the past 8 seasons and how the gang us taught all of us to be better people.

3 Arab Artists Beautifully Portraying Life in the Middle East

To celebrate the start of Ramadan, here are some Muslim artists who are giving us a glimpse into the Muslim world.

5 Biggest 90s TGIF Crushes

'TGIF' was an essential part of every kid's diet who grew up in the 90s. Hopefully TGIF will make a comeback. Until then, lets reminisce and marvel in our biggest TGIF crushes.

5 Most Foolish Reasons Why People Go to Law School

If you find yourselves uttering any of these platitudes, your career as a lawyer may be over before it begins.

'Mad Men' TV Show: 5 Don Draper Quotes That Prove Love Doesn't Exist

How does Don Draper get away with his fabulous lifestyle? Simple. He doesn't believe in love. Here are five quotes from our favorite protagonist to prove it.

Lena Dunham Book: What It Means for Millennials

Dunham and Yousafzai come from different worlds, but that’s what the millennial generation is all about, and these two have a message to share that is unique and special to Gen Y.

Target "Manatee Gray" Dresses: Were They Really a Mistake?

Target upset many consumers when their website sold plus-size dresses in a shade of "manatee gray." Was this really a technical error, or is something more sinister going on?

Christopher Abbot On 'Girls': Charlie Says Goodbye to Lena Dunham's HBO Series

As the HBO show 'Girls' gets ready for season 3, the New York Post announced that Christopher Abbott, who plays Charlie, has quit and will not be returning to the popular series.

5 Jobs On TV Shows That Seem Cool and Easy, But Are Actually Really Demanding

Whether you are a fan of Mad Men or the Big Bang Theory, the characters make their jobs on the show look easy. Dont be fooled!

5 Countries That Love to Ban the Internet As Much As China

China and Saudi Arabia are notorious for keeping their citizens in check with their on /off ban on social networks and certain websites. Here are 5 other countries that have tried to ban the web.

This Picture Of Alex Rodriguez On the Cover Of the New York Times Is An Instagram Photo

The New York Times came under fire for publishing an Instagram picture on the front page of its Sunday paper. Critics argue the app is threatening to change the face of traditional photography.

Peng Liyuan Fashion: China's First Lady Emerges As Diplomatic Fashion Icon

During her first foreign tour, Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan has sparked a flurry of excitement with her choice in clothing and decision not to shy away from the spotlight.

5 Reasons Why 'Bunheads' is Secretly the Best Show On TV

Sure, you might have a lot of reasons not to like a series about ballerinas, But before you dismiss this one, here are five things to consider.

Michelle Obama Fashion: 5 Fashionable First Ladies You Should Know

First Lady Peng Liyuan is causing a fashion frenzy on her first tour abroad. Here are five other leading ladies who never fail to make a political statement when they step out in the public.

Frank Gehry to Design Facebook’s New Campus

Facebook just received the thumbs up to expand their offices in Menlo Park, and the project will be designed by world famous architect Frank Gehry. Here are some of his other works.

Google Glass Banned: West Virginia Wants to Outlaw Driving With the Glasses

Republican lawmaker Gary Howell has just proposed a bill that would prohibit "using a wearable computer with head mounted display" while driving, which would eliminate Google Glass.