Jordan Valinsky
Jordan Valinsky

Watch 'Sesame Street' Do a Spot-On Impression of 'House of Cards'

Frank Underwolf and the House of Bricks


One Amazing Photo Will Convince You the U.S. Has Become the Ice Planet From 'Star Wars'

This is not a drill. It's really this cold.

Jimmy Kimmel Proves People Don't Actually Know Anything About the Oscar Contenders

If you don't have anything real to say ... lie?

The Most Badass Man In Australia Is Appealing His Drunken Driving Charge

Australia has its own Florida Man.

Now You Can Read a Long-Lost 'Sherlock Holmes' Story Just Discovered in a Man's Attic

"'My dear Watson, it's all a matter of deduction.' "

NBC Flew a Drone Over a Frozen Niagara Falls — And the Result Is Eerily Beautiful

Even watching that makes us feel cold.


Alan Cumming's "Celibacy Challenge" Takes On the FDA's Absurd Ban on Gay Blood

When a man with the last name "Cumming" is talking about sex, it's time to listen up.

Priests Are Celebrating Ash Wednesday With the Cutest #Ashtag Ever

Just wait until Pope Francis sees this.

24 Years After His Death, A Newly Discovered Dr. Seuss Book Is on Its Way

One fish, two fish, red fish, excited fish!


Scientists Have Figured Out Why Pot Causes the Munchies

It's good news for Taco Bell — and better news for cancer patients.

Watch Billy Eichner Pit Michelle Obama and Big Bird Against Each Other

"This is so much fun! Fruits and vegetables! I could die at any moment!"

Snow-Buried Cities to Tourists: Forget It, Just Go to Florida

"Welcome to Ithaca — Please Flee!"

This Is Why You Shouldn't Run With The Bulls in Spain

Benjamin Miller has a story to tell his friends.

FAA: Delivery Drones Won't Be Happening Anytime Soon

Pizza delivery men won't be replaced by robots anytime soon.


You'll Never Be As Happy as Jim Cantore Is Experiencing "Thundersnow"

"Yes, we got it baby! We got it! We got it!"

'SNL' Brought Back 'Celebrity Jeopardy' With Every Star Ever

"I'll take 'Whore Ads' for $200!" "That's... that's 'Who Reads.' "

This Christian Parent Wants to Make Dinosaurs Extinct — Again

We can't tell if this is a hoax, clever marketing for the new Jurassic World film, or the craziest mom in history.

Part of the $564 Million Powerball Went to Someone Who Actually Deserves It

Marie Holmes truly won this jackpot.